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25 April 2006

Book Challenge - 46 - 48

Okay so there was only one reasonable post between book reviews. LOL Still thinking about the party dilema. Might just invite a few. LOL That's today anyway.

Book 46 – Cause for Scandal by Anna DePalo – Desire

Okay what is it about this current Dynasty Series by Desire. I read this book in an afternoon. No saggy middle, no need at all to flit through the book to find out information just a straight sit down and read it all in one go.

This book is about Summer and Zeke. Summer is trying to get an interview with our rock star hero Zeke. She fails on her first attempt and her twin sister suggests she ‘sexes’ up her appearance to get backstage to see Zeke.

It works, in fact it works so well that they end up in bed hours after they first met. Summer is engaged and a virgin, so giving her virginity to Zeke after a few short hours is telling in itself.

She breaks her engagement the next day. Zeke finds out that she is not a groupie but in fact an heiress. When he meets with “Scarlett”, Summer’s twin, he notices straightaway that she isn’t the same woman that he spent the night with. The press published a picture and it said that his companion was Scarlett.

Scarlett becomes very distant from her sister as the story goes and having read the blurb for the next book I know why. LOL

Anyway Summer grows as a character and it is revealed later on that she modelled for a photographer friend of hers and Zeke purchased one of the pictures of her and she has been his muse. The hint was there that this was the case but its nice that it was indeed validated.

I really really enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read the next book. I really haven’t been disappointed at all with this series.

Book 47 – His Wedding Night-Wager by Katherine Garbera – Desire

This is the first book in a three book series – What Happens in Vegas. *Sigh* Why do I always pick books that are part of a series. LOL Actually this was in with Anna DePalo’s book and I have enjoyed Katherine’s books previously.

The back blurb promised so much. I thought a good story of revenge. But even though I really really enjoyed the book I was kind of let down.

It was clear from the start that Hayden still had feelings for Shelby, other than just wanting to bed her.

It was a fast paced book and I think Katherine did do the characters justice, I just would have liked to have seen Hayden make Shelby suffer a bit more. Hmm maybe I’m too used to alpha males. LOL

The other thing that interested me was Shelby’s partner, Paige. Now there is a story waiting to be written I’m sure and I hope Katherine considers writing her story. Paige isn’t part of the series.

Book 48 - Reunion of Revenge by Kathie DeNosky – Desire

This was the second book in her “The Illegitimate Heirs” series. Another great read for me as it only took me just over a day to read it.

Nick and Cheyenne had a past and her father broke them up. Now Nick is back to take over the family ranch and Cheyenne is his foreman. The attraction is still hot between them and her father now is not as strong as he used to be … or is he?

A lovely reunion journey between our two main characters and the truth comes out just what Cheyenne’s father did. Fortunately all gets forgiven.

The only thing that confused me was that in the first book when the brothers were discussing each company they had been given to make their own. Nick mentions how silly it was for a desk jockey to be given a ranch to run. It turns out it was his family ranch. So how can he be not experienced in running a ranch. That was an anomaly that I would have expected in a series written by different authors. Not one written by the same author.

Until next time.


18 April 2006

Birthday Party Dilema

Well it had to happen one day and here it is, the birthday party dilema.

Skylar's 4th birthday is coming up soon and time to think about having a party. Now over the past 3 years its been pretty easy - family and a couple of her friends. But this year something new has been added to the equation - School. Who do you invite from school? Do I invite the whole class, being 23 kids, or do I just invite the kids she plays with and a couple of her other friends.

Saturday we head off to our first party of the year so I guess I could see then who got invited. Plus there is another one in May. Or alternatively I could just ring one of the mum's and ask her what the 'done' thing is.

My gut feel is not to invite the whole class as there are some kids I think she doesn't play with. I'm sure its really not that hard and I should just make a decision. Invite all or just a few.

Another thing how do you keep 23 kids occupied for a couple of hours. I know I was chatting to my nail technician on Saturday and she said her daughter was at a party and they had hired a Magician! I'm thinking pass the parcel and musical chairs. That's it!! LOL

Oh well I'm sure I'll work something out.


17 April 2006

Books 43 - 45 Book Challenge

Okay this is the last book challenge post for a few days. I've only got one more review as I've read 46 and am on my 47th book. Decided to do 3 books at a time.

So here is the next one. All these books are part of the Do Not Disturb Blaze Series.

Book 43 – Private Relations by Nancy Warren – Blaze

Okay this is the 4th book the “Do Not Disturb” series. This is the story about Kit and Peter.

Kit is the PR person for Hush hotel and Peter is also in marketing and he just happens to be the man who leaves Kit at the altar. He gets cold feet and keeps driving.

So its three years later and Hush are running a Fantasy Weekend Promotion. One particular fantasy has really caught Kit’s attention. It turns out to be the fantasy of her ex-fiancé. It also seems that Piper, Kit’s friend is in on the plan and knows that one of the winning entries is Peter’s.

So Kit and Peter are thrown together and after the first night Peter realises that he still loves Kit.

He must convince Kit that this time is the right time to get married.

It was a great story and there was a nice little side story about a friend of Peter’s and the other Fantasy weekend winner.

I can’t wait to read the last book in the series which is released this month (April). I also do have the 5th book and am deciding whether I start that or pick something else.

Book 44 – Hot Spot by Debbi Rawlins - Blaze

So the 5th book in the series won out. This story was about Madison and Jack.

Madison is a freelance photographer and Jack is TV Anchorman. Madison has just got a great assignment for a magazine and Jack is the subject of the photo shoot. He is trying to shy away from the sexy anchorman image and wants to be taken as a serious reporter. Unfortunately the magazine spread is for “The Sexiest Man” for Todays Man Magazine.

I really enjoyed the story and both these characters decided to go after their dreams no matter what.

Now I’m reading the final book in the series.

Book 45 – Room Service by Jill Shalvis – Blaze

Okay so this is the last book in the Do Not Disturb series about Hush Hotel. I admit I was hoping to see a bit of a Piper the hotel owner in it but truly I guess it would have detracted from the story.

Em is a TV Producer trying to entice Amuse Bouche’s chef Jacob Hill away from Hush Hotel and be the star of her new cooking programme. There is a couple of sub stories in the book as well. Em’s best friends and a couple of Jacob’s colleagues, who happen to both be female.

Anyway Jacob steals a kiss from Em in the elevator and both are struck by the powerful feeling of emotions they felt with that one kiss.

In the end Em doesn’t get her man for her show but she does get her man in Jacob. He hasn’t had the best childhood so trusting his feelings and his heart were hard for him.
Really enjoyed the book but as I said would have liked to have seen a glimpse of a couple of the earlier characters from the series, somehow an ending to tie everything up.


Book 42 - Book Challenge

Okay the only reason I'm doing this one separately is because the next three books I read are all part of a series and I wanted to post them all together.

Book 42 – Reflected Pleasures – by Linda Conrad - Desire

This is the second book in Linda’s series. It was released in Australia last year but I hadn’t got around to reading it until now.

The story starts out with a Gypsy handing a mirror to our hero Tyson Steele. The gypsy is carrying out her father’s wishes and the gypsies a repaying a debt to Lucille Steele, Tyson’s great aunt.

When Tyson looks into the mirror he doesn’t see a reflection. Just clear glass. The mirror will show him his true desire, so the gypsy says.

Merri is our heroine and she is from a rich family, a former model and just wants to live a normal life. So she takes the job as Tyson’s Assistant.

From the moment they met they both tried to deny their feelings for each other. Merri is trying desperately to keep her family history from Tyson and he hates anyone who lies to him. So as their relationship progresses she finds it harder and harder to reveal the truth.

At an organised event for Tyson’s charitable foundation the press are there and Tyson overhears their conversation. Tyson feels very betrayed that Merri has kept her true identity from him and wants nothing more to do with her.

After an ear bashing from his aunt Tyson looks at the mirror and sees his true love, Merri. He rushes after her and rescues her from the press and they sort out their problems.

I have one more book to read in the series and I hope we find out in that book just what Lucille did to help the gypsies.

Sorry for the double post ;)


Book Challenge 39 - 41

Okay catching up real fast to what I'm reading. I've read 46 books in total, three over the easter break which is great!! I'm ahead of my goal so I think I'll make the 100 books by the end of the year. Bar anything hectic happening in my life. LOL

This is going to be a long post I think.

Book 39 – Bought by Her Husband by Sharon Kendrick - Sexy/Modern/Presents

Well there was a controversial discussion about this on the Eharlequin thread earlier this year. The book hasn’t been released in the US yet so I’m not really going to say much about it.

The opening scene is so totally unexpected for a Presents. Now I know that there are a lot of readers out there that just can’t stand the Alpha Male and think he is a brute. I love my Alpha Males and would love to be a Modern/Presents writer. That’s my aim anyway. LOL

So back to the story. Alexi and Victoria had only been married a short time when he caught her in a situation that he read all wrong. Typical of our alpha males and he is Greek so he is pretty proud. They’ve been separated for 7 years and he hasn’t been celibate, far from it in fact. I admit I don’t like men who don’t keep to their marriage vows. But I got over it.

I would have liked to have seen Victoria with a bit more backbone. There were glimpses of it but not enough. Alexi could have been a bit more humble but what we got of that I was satisfied.

I set out to be really disappointed by this book and disenchanted at the way the line is going. But I have to say that I was satisfied with the outcome and did enjoy the story.

Surprisingly I will make this book a keeper and will read it again.

I really want to discuss more about it but if I do it will give it all away. It is one I recommend you go out and get and just give it a chance after the first confronting scene.

I’m not sure what the release date will be in the US. I’ve checked back releases and upcoming releases and its not showing up. But keep a look out for it.

Book 40 – The Desert Virgin by Sandra Marton – Uncut Series – Sexy/Modern/Presents

Okay this is the second book I’ve read in the “Uncut series”. A new sub-series for the line. Uncut is supposed to push the boundaries and perhaps be a bit more explicit in the love scenes than your normal Presents.

I loved this story, read it in one day in fact. But I didn’t feel it was any different than the other Presents stories. It was a steamy read. It is the start of the “Knight Brothers” series by Sandra.

Cameron Knight and his brothers have Risk Management company. They go into situations that normal people wouldn’t venture into. Cam’s father asks him to go to this oil country to finalise a deal.

Leanna has been kidnapped and sold the sultan. The sultan gives Leanna to Cam and believes what the sultan has told him that Leanna is not as innocent as she seems.

Anyway they escape the Sultan but are chased by him. They find a place which they thought they would be safe in but of course they aren’t.

Cam gets shot but his brothers are coming to his rescue and he survives. Leanna is taken to Dubai. When Cam wakes up he wants to know how his ‘Salome” is. That is the nick name he gave her. He doesn’t know her real name and therefore can’t find her.

He goes to the ballet with his father and there she is. So he goes to her hotel room and waits for her.

It is then discovered that she was also sick after their rescue but kept calling the hospital to find out how he was doing. She never contacted him because he didn’t contact her but then again she should have realised he didn’t know her name. LOL

I’m looking to reading the next books by Sandra.

Still not sure what to make of the Uncut line as it just seems like the same as a normal Presents to me.

Book 41 – His Best Friend’s Bride by Jodi O’Donnell – Sweet/Tender/Silhouette Romance

This was a sweet read but our heroine, Julia did annoy me a fraction. This was a 2002 release by Jodi and she writes for Special Edition as well.

Griff, Julia and Reb have been friends since birth. In fact it opens up at the hospital just after the three have been born. There is a situation that happens and you don’t know just which boy is which. LOL

Reb and Julia are engaged but Griff has always loved Julia but has been stoic in his silence because he didn’t want to upset his best friends. Reb is having second thoughts and Julia doesn’t know what to do.

Unfortunately she also becomes aware of feelings for Griff that she was denying herself. But for the sake of all their friendships she would marry Reb and deny her true love, which is Griff.

Reb knows that Julia and Griff should really be together. Has known that Griff has always loved Julia and Julia loves Griff just doesn’t admit it to herself.

In the end he does the gentlemanly thing and we find out the true answer to the opening hospital scene.

I really did enjoy this read and would love to find Reb’s story if she has written it.


16 April 2006

Books 36 - 38 Book Challenge

Okay so here is my next instalment. I hope everyone has had a great Easter.

Book 36 – The Ruthless Groom by Bronwyn Jameson – Desire

This is the third and final book in her ‘Princes of the Outback’ Series. This is about Alex the eldest brother. He has just been stood up by his bride to be Susannah. He heads off to where she might be and meets up with her best friend Zara. Instant attraction between the two. An accident forces them back to the cabin where the tension between them rises up.

What was good to see was that both felt a little guilty about their reactions to each other. Both felt that they were betraying Susannah. Of course Susannah advises that she can’t marry Alex and both are free to explore their feelings.

Alex is quite a passionate person but because of how his father was he suppresses those emotions. He likes to keep control of his feelings.

Zara finds herself pregnant and she isn’t sure how to tell Alex. She keeps putting it off. Eventually her flat mate calls him and Alex rushes in like a bull at a gate and Zara is immediately put offside. To me there was actually a question of whether she was ACTUALLY pregnant. She had morning sickness symptoms and the home test said yes. But there was a snippet that said she needed it confirmed by the doctor. I’m assuming all was well. LOL

A quiet chat with his mum is all he needs to realise that he handled the situation all wrong. He goes back and tries again. This time he is successful.

There was an epilogue to the story and it was a summation leading up to the wedding of Alex and Zara. It showed that both Rafe and Tomas were extremely happy and Angie and Cat were both pregnant.

I Love Bron’s books and can’t wait until her next one comes out.

Book 37 – The Playboys Protégé by Michelle Dunaway – Sexy/American Romance

This was a 2002, I think, release in the US and is a part of a series by this author. I really dislike it when I find a book belonging to a series and I can’t get the rest of them. LOL Oh well.

Grandpa Joe has set up Harry and Megan. They had an instant dislike to each other but we all know that that really means attraction. Anyway they are sent away as part of a negotiating team to take over a chain of restaurants. Megan has a really good business mind and finds all the problems with the presentation. Due to her recommendations on how they should handle things, they win the bid and Harry finds himself quite attracted to her.

The other members of the team leave and Megan and Harry are left to tie things up. Harry’s sister lives in New York so they met up with her for dinner. By this time both Harry and Megan have developed strong feelings for each other. Grandpa Joe comes to attend the final meeting and offers Megan a promotion, which by rights, should be Harry’s.

Harry is devastated that he has once again been looked over by his grandpa and decides to leave the family firm and stay in New York all the time believing that Megan had betrayed him. Megan heads back to St Louis heartbroken. She has lunch with Harry’s father and realises that she can’t take a job that is supposed to be Harry’s. She goes back to New York to try and reconcile with Harry. Initially he doesn’t want anything to do with her but his sister talks some sense into him and then he rushes over to where Megan is and tells her again he loves her and that he was being pigheaded.

I really did enjoy this read and would like to see if I could somehow get the other titles in the series. But I think I will have to order them from Amazon and so maybe I won’t. LOL

Book 38 - Angels & Outlaws by Lori Wilde – Blaze

This is the first book the “White Star Series”. The story starts out the White Star being stolen. The we see our heroine, Cass on a ledge 8 stories up trying to retrieve her scarf that flew out the window. Enter Sam our hero, who is also a cop. He has come to interview Cass on her suspected involvement in high end robberies. He immediately thinks Cass is trying to kill herself. He lost a woman by suicide as a rookie and determines that she isn’t going to go the same way.

Sam is instantly attracted to her and Cass is attracted to him, only both aren’t sure how to handle the situation. Sam because she is a suspect and Cass because she doesn’t do long term relationships.

Their journey to find each other and letting go of past guilt starts.

Once I got started on this book I really did enjoy. The mystery of the White Star continues and I do have the second book in my TBR to read.


13 April 2006

Books 33 - 35 In the Challenge

Well I've decided I'm going to try and get all the reviews out of the way and just do a blog on the reviews when I finish a book. Try and keep on top of things. Well that's the plan and I should keep to it. LOL

Anyway here is my next instalment.

Book 33 – Taking Care of Business by Brenda Jackson – Desire

This is book 2 in the Elliotts Dynasty Mini-Series. This is Tag and Renee’s story.

This is a book about overcoming the obstacles and prejudices about an inter-racial relationship. Renee is an African American and Tag the quintessential rich boy. Tag is smitten the moment he sees Renee and I really don’t think the colour of her skin entered his mind.

For Renee though it was hard to get past. Why would a rich man like Tag be interested in a woman like her? Not to mention the preconceived ideas of the people around her making her believe she is ‘dreaming’ to think Tag would interested in more than just a ‘roll in the hay’.

Brenda did a beautiful job of writing this story. It was fun and it was romantic and nothing was going to prevent Tag from getting his woman.

So far two books from this series and both have been exceptional reads.

Book 34 – Ms Longshot by Sylvie Kurtz – Bombshell

Okay we are now onto book 4 of the “It Girl” Series and so far I don’t know when the other two will be released here.

This was another first person story and whether it was because I had just finished a first person book or the fact it was better written, I don’t know, all I know is that I found myself enjoying this book more.

Our heroine is Alexa. She has been an agent for a while but hasn’t done a great deal of field work. She has a disability. As a teenager she was involved in an accident and she lost part of one of her legs. She has learned to adapt and not too many people are aware of her disability.

She is sent undercover as a horse groom to find out why champion show horses are being killed. She is a horse lover and former show rider herself.

She is the groom for our hero’s horses, Ross, his horses appear to be the next target.

This story was a good read and one of my favourites of this series and there was a hint of a romance right at the end which was good enough for me.

Book 35 – Engagement between Enemies by Kathie DeNosky – Desire

The story opens up where three men discover they are brothers and who their father was. Having read a similar scenario not long ago I wasn’t sure to continue. But I’m glad I did.

Emerald Larson has a plan, a plan to get her three grandsons, whom she has been watching since they were young boys, into the family business. The interesting thing is she has put all three boys into situations that are so outside what they are used to do they will either sink or swim.

Caleb is the first grandson we read about and he is asked to take over the running of an investment advisory business. He has no idea what he is doing but Alyssa does and he starts to rely on her.

Alyssa is determined not to ‘fall’ for Caleb. But she does and when they spend a couple of nights away on a business trip, their feelings surface and when they are caught returning to the office after spending the night in the car tongues start wagging. To stave off the gossip they ‘pretend’ to be engaged to save face. Emotions run hot and they give into their attraction.

It was a lovely story and I can’t wait until I can read the rest in the series. The only thing is book 3 is released this month here but I don’t know about book 2. Wish they’d release them in order. GRRRR

Happy Easter everyone!


09 April 2006

Okay Another Book Challenge - Books 30 - 32

So I thought maybe I would blog about something different but nope not doing it. LOL I've now read 41 books so I think I'm ahead of schedule which is good. Also the good thing is I'm up to date with my reviews so soon I'll finish and blog straight away. That is if I'm diligent about it. :)

Okay so here we go.

Book 30 – Mistletoe Marriage by Jessica Hart – Sweet/Tender/Harlequin Romance

This is a marriage of convenience book between Sophie and Bram.
They are great friends and at one stage Bram was engaged to Sophie’s sister. Now Sophie’s sister is married to Sophie’s one time fiancée and Sophie must face them for Christams. Bram comes up with the idea that they are now engaged with the view to breaking it off just after Christmas.

As they start to ‘act’ for their families both encountered feelings that were strange and new to them. Also her former fiancée starts to flirt with her and he leaves her cold.

I enjoyed this book but I can’t say it really moved me. Could be because the name “Bram” just didn’t work for me. LOL In the end both Sophie and Bram realise that friendship can truly turn to marriage. And Sophie realises she makes a lucky escape and didn't marry a shallow person.

Book 31 – The Wedding Surprise by Trish Wylie – Sweet/Tender/Harlequin Romance

I LOVED this book. I couldn’t put it down. When I started it my thoughts went to the Reality TV Show “My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancée.” The book was a similar premise to the show.

Caitlin and Aiden must prove to their families that they met over the internet and are in love and are getting married. Caitlin’s father has hit financial hardship and that is the real reason she joined the show. Aiden is the producer of the show and must keep that from Caitlin.

What they both didn’t count on was the fact that they could actually fall in love. There are some really beautiful lines in this story. I had some real AWWW moments.

I truly recommend you try and find this book it was a sweet and beautiful romance. She is definitely going to become an auto buy for me now.

Book 32 – Leathlly Blonde by Nancy Bartholomew – Silhouette Bombshell/Intimate Moment (Aus)

Well this is the first book I’ve read in first person and I did struggle through it. LOL It is also the third book in the “It Girl” series.

The story is about Porsche who is a rich, rich girl and has just become a Gotham Rose secret agent. Her assignment was to pretend to be the girlfriend of an actor, Jeremy, big name and soon to be Oscar winner. Only problem is he is trying to be gay and she finds his high school teacher mentor, Sam, very attractive.

There were quite a few times I almost gave up on the book, but I would skim ahead and find that I needed to find out what happened next. The author sucked me each time and that is a measure of good writing. So I stuck with it but again I found the romance lacking.

Okay so that's the next 3 books. A mixed bag of different genres there but all pretty enjoyable.

Keep smiling.


03 April 2006

Another book Challenge - Books 27 - 29

Book 27 – Expecting the Playboys Heir by Penny Jordan

And yet another book in a series. LOL This is the second book in a Penny Jordon series. I blogged about the first book (Bedding his Virgin Mistress) earlier.

So this story is about Julia and Silas. Julia is being harassed by her best friends husband and Silas concocts a story that they are dating. They have a history of not being the best of friends they are loosely related. Silas told his mother at Julia’s 18th that he wanted to marry her. He would inherit the family estate and Julia would be a perfect wife.

Her friends husband attempts to drug Julia but Silas is there and manages to prevent anything awful happening to Julia. Julia has trouble getting over the experience but does and resumes her relationship with Silas. When she suspects that she is pregnant, a psycho woman turns up saying she is also pregnant by Silas.

In the end it all works out well. I do have the 3rd book in the series but strangely don’t feel inclined to read it at the moment.

Book 28 – Mistress to a Rich Man by Kathryn Ross

This book opens up with our heroine, Libby, in a bar having a drink with her friend. There is a tv on and she notices a man, a man who happens to be her father although she was told he was dead. He is an actor and is making an appearance at the Cannes film festival.

Libby is licking her wounds after being left high and dry by her boyfriend. She decides to contact her father and asks to see him. She gets no joy and decides to confront him. In steps his manager our hero, Marc. He will do what he has to do to protect his client and he believes that Libby is looking for a quick financial fix and will sell her story to a tabloid paper.

As they get to know each other Marc finds himself conflicted. There are circumstances that point to Libby being out to sell her story and other things that show her not capable of that. Her father is avoiding her which makes it worse. In the end a resolution is found for all. A good read all in all.

Book 29 – Baby of Shame by Julia James

If we hadn’t had to travel from my mum’s back to our house I would have read this in one sitting.

I admit I haven’t been a big fan of Julia’s books. But for some reason this book hit the note with me.

Alexis and Rhianna had one night together only and that one night resulted in a baby. There was a major misunderstanding and that was due to the effect Alexis had on Rhianna. When they meet up again 5 years have passed and Rhianna is ill and has just been hit by a car. Alexis has also just found out that he is a father.

There is much confusion with Alexis believing that Rhianna is a drug addict. He takes her and his son to his island. There Rhianna recuperates and the truth about her supposed drug addiction and the troubles she has gone through the last 5 years surface. Also what surfaces is the reasoning behind her actions on the night they meant and how Alexis's reaction the next morning set Rhianna and their son on the path that they were on.

I think I’ll make it a keeper.

I've actually cheated and started typing a book review document and then pasting in my blog. LOL That way when I finish a book a can give a reviw and not try and think about the book a month later!

Until tomorrow when I may blog about books or something else.


02 April 2006

Book Challenge - Books 24 - 26

Okay so here it is another instalment of books. I really have slowed down a bit on my reading. I've read 38 books so far. I think the reason I've slowed down is I'm back to a slower bus trip and been doing more life stuff rather than reading.

But here it goes.

Book 24 – The Tycoon’s Trophy Wife by Miranda Lee – Modern/Presents/Sexy

This is the second book in her series, “Wives Wanted”. This story is about Reece and Alanna. They linked up a year ago when Reece had been dumped by a woman after he hit financial hard times. So he hooked up with an agency and met Alanna.

They have a very intense, sexual relationship. It is a marriage of convenience. Both are starting to feel difference feelings and both aren’t sure how to handle these changes. Then fate steps in by way of an accident and Alanna loses her memory. She doesn’t recall being married to Reece but thinks she is still married to her, violent husband.

Their journey to finding each other again is a wonderful story. I knew I would really enjoy this story and I did. I read it in about 2 and a bit hours. What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I would recommend this one.

Book 25 – A Scandalous Marriage by Miranda Lee Sexy/Modern/Presents

So this is the third book in Miranda’s series. I found both the 2nd and 3rd books at the 2nd hand store on the same weekend. LOL

So this is about Mike and Natalie. Natalie runs “Wives Wanted” the agency that hooked up Alanna and Reece. Mike needs a wife for a business deal. Natalie needs some money to help her parents out of a tight financial spot. So she volunteers for the job.

This was another quick read for me although not quite as quick as Reece and Alanna’s story. They both have a journey to complete, certain things they have to get from their past to get to each other at the end. Another great read.

Book 26 – Back in Her Husband’s Bed by Melanie Milburne – Sexy/Modern/Presents

This Author is an Aussie author so I find myself supporting the home team authors. LOL I’ve had a bit of hit and miss with Melanie but I did enjoy this book.

Carli and Xavier were married and have been divorced for about 5 years. They met at a friends wedding and immediately fell in lust then love. But there were differences between them that they both were too stubborn to try and repair and ended up divorcing. As the story goes on you find that Carli only asked for a divorce in the vain hope that Xavier would fight for her.

Obviously didn’t happen and after a chance encounter Carli ends up pregnant. Xavier, after having a taste of her wants her back in his life so he forces the issue and Carli moves in with him.

Also it seems that the couple from the wedding where they met are having problems and look like divorcing.

I actually liked the way these two characters grew. A big problem in their early relationship was their failure to communicate and they said things to each other that they didn’t really mean.

What I would like to see from Melanie would be a book about their two friends. It was left up in the air if they were getting back together. Keeping my eye out and seeing if she will write their story.

So that's it for this time.


01 April 2006

Follow up on Flylady

I'm glad that some of you have checked out the Flylady site. It is true that you can get inundated by the emails. The reminders, as I stated because of living on the other side of the world, get an immediate deletion. I read some of the testimonials and some I don't. The only ones I truly pay attention too are the ones from Flylady and Kelly. Then if after a couple of lines I don't find it relevant the delete button gets used.

I bought a note book the other day and that is going to be my 'control journal'. I have made a note of my morning, after work and before dinner routines. Some of the things on my list are things I've put down that I need to get done, not necessiarly ideas from the site.

The thing I love is the 'doing something for 15 minutes'. Today I used it when I was ironing. I would iron for 15 mins then go do something else, then back to the ironing. Makes an arduous task manageable. I'm hoping that I will find the more I do during the week the more time I have for me and family time on the weekend.

So this site is really a personal thing. It is what I needed something to give me an idea on how to get a handle on things. Little things at a time, a bit here and a bit there and eventually it will get done. I know our study will take a while but a little bit here and there and I will start to make headway.

It was so daunting walking into the house and seeing the mess and going where do I start! Then I'd go, tomorrow I'll do it and well tomorrow came and avoidance as well. This time I just tackle a little bit and then move on.

And I feel like I've accomplished something, even if it is just a tiny thing.

As silly as it sounds I needed someone to give me an idea or a format for me to follow and Flylady was it.