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14 February 2009

Falling Love Again

Kind of appropriate title considering today is Valentine's Day. I'm sitting here singing along to all the love songs that the music video tv stations are playing. Some are making me well up with tears others are bringing back memories and others I'm singing loudly along too. Goodness there are some great love songs and some really corny ones.

So in the months since my last blog life has been going along steadily and during that time I've been attempting to edit my manuscript that has been requested by Desire. I've also been writing my new medical story for the request I got at conference. You get so attached to your work that you make excuses for why you badly want something to work. Well for me I kept getting told that my medical was a lot better and more enjoyable than my Desire. I used the excuse that my hero in the medical wasn't Alpha. But it wasn't washing. Who wants to discard over 30,000 words as useless!

At the beginning of the year I thought perhaps it was time to listen to my crit group, maybe they were onto something. So I decided to submit a brand new chapter instead of trying to edit old, old, old work and if they didn't like it well then it was my characters not my writing. Well what can I say I think it turned out to be the best idea ever. By the end of the first week of February I had re-written 3/4's of the book and finished it!

I had fallen in love with my characters again. And if felt fabulous.

The words flowed out of me and I think this is their story not the story I had written 5 years ago. I also think it's a better story.

So now it's a matter of editting the new 7 chapters and then taking the plunge and sending it out. I also plan to finish my medical by the end of March.

I've got a renewed spirit with regards to my writing and am loving the whole process again. Simply because I fell in love again.....