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27 August 2005

Time to Clean

Ack cleaning, my greatest desire in the world. Not.

The time has finally come for us to get our keys to our new house. Well I hope this Friday we do anyway.

But with that great action comes another action again..... Packing!

For the past 16 months we've managed to squeeze a former 4bed 2 bath house into a supposedly 3 bed 1 bath house. That being the case what are we going to do with the couple of dozen boxes we haven't used for that time? Not to mention the other stuff we've accumulated over the past 16 months.

Time to Kull says DH.

I hate packing I just wish a fairy would come in and it would all be over. I basically packed up the old house.

So last night DH decides its time to start. I'm so not in the mood but go along for a bit. It didn't last long. LOL

It's amazing though, he throws out a model motorbike of his and I ask him why. He says, "Well I've had it for years, haven't finished it, paint is dried up why keep it."

"Okay" I said.

So here it is, you go, right lets get rid of junk and then when it comes to getting rid of it, it's like. Do you really want to get rid of it? It's like even though you haven't used it, you still might, lets keep it.

Uh uh that's not the name of the game. The name of the game is to kull. If it ain't been used in the last 16 months, ditch it, cause the likelihood of it being used again is Zilch. LOL

Let the packing and cleaning begin.


26 August 2005

Community Spirit

My DH is a member of a cigar community. Great bunch of guys and his cigar collection has grown dramatically since he started posting there.

I guess he is getting the same thrill I used to get when I first found the Eharlequin community. Rushing into work just to log onto the net and see what had happened when you were sleeping. Well lots happened to when I was sleeping LOL

Just the other day DH reached 100 on his ring gauge (whatever that is) and some member started a thread congratulating him on achieving 100. There were some absolutely wonderful messages left and it even gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

I feel like I've lost that a little or maybe its just me. Maybe I've missed the boat with the relationships that have been developed over the years.

I still love the community perhaps I just need to open myself up more. Let go of old insecurities.

25 August 2005

What to say

It's been a week since my last blog. Seems I'm good at procrastinating with this as I am in general.

On the bright side though it seems the occupation of our new house is getting closer. It's been a long and trying road. This winter we've all been unwell with colds. Its never ending and I'm sure it's due to this house we live in. It's cold, dingy and I hate it. Unfortunately when I found this place I didn't realise what it was going to be truly like. But we had to find a place that took pets and we were getting desparate.

Anyway I know that the end is near and we will be in a our great new house.

I must get into the habit of typing in my blog. I get ideas when I lest expect it and think, hmmm that would be a great blog but now that it is open I can't think of what I want to say. LOL

Ain't that always the way?


18 August 2005

Pets vs Humans

Interesting title you may say, well yes it is.

Today started out like any ordinary day for me. Woke up early and fed Zane. Then something out of the ordinary happens ... the phone rang. Not unusual you say? Well for us a little, we don't get too many calls. LOL Anyway Jason is out riding and the time of the call is 6.40am. Immediate thoughts go to Jason and something happened on his ride. He fell off last week so I do think the worse.

No it's my mum.....

Ringing to tell me that my uncle passed away overnight. Now he is my dad's younger brother and had the early stages of dementia. So in effect it was a blessing that he passed on quickly. But still a shock and brings home the preciousness of life.

So what does this have to do with Pets?

Well I get online and receive an email from a friend who's dog has just been diagnosed with cancer and they have to put him down and its so hard to say goodbye.

I feel for her because our cat was hit by a car last year and we had to make the decision to operate or not. We chose not to. We chose to have him put down to save him the pain of an operation.

But just because Theodore was a cat doesn't mean the loss was any easier to take. Losses of pets are just like a loss of an uncle or aunt. They are family and bring something special to the family dynamics.

The thing I find interesting is how is it that we can chose to take the suffering away from an animal, to let them not suffer the pain and indignity of a debilitating disease but with people we aren't allowed to?

It is such a senstive subject and one I don't want to start arguments over. Each perspective on the subject is so different and that's what makes up the world. It was just as I was typing this blog that the irony of the situation hit me, and I wonder.....

RIP Uncle Raymond.


16 August 2005

Great Joys in Life

Finally back again after 3 1/2 days without a phone connection. Stupid contractors dug up our line but 'didn't' think they'd cut the connection. Well they had! X I disappeared on Saturday that was the reason why! But as we went out after that we didn't know until later that evening.

Anyway I digress.

What are the Great Joys in Life?

Well I have three.

1. My wonderful husband, celebrated 10 years yesterday since our first date. Can't believe its been 10 years!

2. My beautiful children. Nothing can describe the love I feel for them when I see them. Of course other parents will know that feeling.

3. My parents. Always there to say what on some occasions you don't want to hear and other occasions you want them to keep repeating.

But let me just share something today about the number 2 on my list. My kids.

I was sitting on a chair reading a book. Skylar decided she wanted Rice Bubbles. So I give her a bowl. Well she is almost finished and I can hear giggling. Look up to see her feeding Zane. So I say would she like to feed Zane some custard. Yep she said.

So I set them up. Zane in his high chair, custard in a bowl, Skylar armed with a spoon. Well can I say for a 3 year old she did a great job. Hardly any mess and obviously feeding fast enough to satisfy Zane. Even doing the age old, opening the mouth to encourage baby to do the same. Priceless piece of video I got today. Priceless.

And it doesn't stop. She helps me while I clean the front of the cupboards. Also Zane was just finishing his lunch and she says, "Can I play with Zane."

The Great Joys of Life.

12 August 2005

Taken The Plunge

Well here I am and there you all are out in cyber land.

This is my first blog and I'm trying to think of something witty, brilliant and deep to say. LOL

But that's not what this is really about is it. A blog is about life, its like having your own "Dear Diary" back that you had when you were an angsty teenager.

Maybe I should have done it back then and I'd have the hang of it for when I started up my blog.

No one is going to find this tonight. Why? Because I haven't let anyone know that I have a blog.

Plus its time I went to bed.

Everyone keep safe and warm (or cool if its hot where your at)


11 August 2005

To Work or Not to Work - That is the Dilema?

I woke up this morning and 'felt' different. Trying to work out just what the difference was didn't take long. No it wasn't the fact that I'd started a blog but the urge to post my feelings in my blog was pretty prominent. LOL

Anyway the different feeling was the fact that yesterday I drew the proverbial line in the sand. The line that says you've finished one phase of your life and are ready to start a new one.

For me that was the decision to stop being a stay at home mum and enter the workforce again on a fulltime basis.

Oh I'd been working 2 days a week since November but this was going to be every day 8.30am to 5pm.

Why did I want to change? Well a couple of reasons and one of them was a change was going to occur in the office and I'd decided not to be pushed around but to stand up for what I believe. And that belief was that I was the person for the job not someone else.

The dynamics of a small office are intriguing, especially when you really are the "newcomer". The bosses brother-in-law works for him, the accounts lady has been there for eons and knows everything and her sister has been there for a few years too. Enter me the 'new' girl. But also someone who is very capable. Perhaps there was a feeling of job security being threatened, who knows. All I know is that I wanted to be considered for the position and not just shoved aside, after all I had been doing the job for 8 months now.

The second was a financial reason. I was tired of struggling and I want to be able to provide the kids with a future that included being able to be clothed every year, holidays, new shoes etc etc.

So the first feeling after making the decision to work is GUILT. Am I doing the right thing by my kids. After several discussions with my wonderful husband and my dad the answer is a category "yes".

As my dad so succinctly put it, I could stay home and struggle and stress about paying bills or I could work and know that things will be okay. He also said that he believed that I could do both. Work and still be a good mother. The important thing was HE BELIEVED IN ME! And do you know what? That's all I wanted to hear. Someone say, You can do it!

Childcare costs will be a killer but you know I think its going to be worth it.

So on one hand I'm sad that I won't have the free time I used to and be at home with my kids. But I'm excited about the new phase of my life.