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13 April 2006

Books 33 - 35 In the Challenge

Well I've decided I'm going to try and get all the reviews out of the way and just do a blog on the reviews when I finish a book. Try and keep on top of things. Well that's the plan and I should keep to it. LOL

Anyway here is my next instalment.

Book 33 – Taking Care of Business by Brenda Jackson – Desire

This is book 2 in the Elliotts Dynasty Mini-Series. This is Tag and Renee’s story.

This is a book about overcoming the obstacles and prejudices about an inter-racial relationship. Renee is an African American and Tag the quintessential rich boy. Tag is smitten the moment he sees Renee and I really don’t think the colour of her skin entered his mind.

For Renee though it was hard to get past. Why would a rich man like Tag be interested in a woman like her? Not to mention the preconceived ideas of the people around her making her believe she is ‘dreaming’ to think Tag would interested in more than just a ‘roll in the hay’.

Brenda did a beautiful job of writing this story. It was fun and it was romantic and nothing was going to prevent Tag from getting his woman.

So far two books from this series and both have been exceptional reads.

Book 34 – Ms Longshot by Sylvie Kurtz – Bombshell

Okay we are now onto book 4 of the “It Girl” Series and so far I don’t know when the other two will be released here.

This was another first person story and whether it was because I had just finished a first person book or the fact it was better written, I don’t know, all I know is that I found myself enjoying this book more.

Our heroine is Alexa. She has been an agent for a while but hasn’t done a great deal of field work. She has a disability. As a teenager she was involved in an accident and she lost part of one of her legs. She has learned to adapt and not too many people are aware of her disability.

She is sent undercover as a horse groom to find out why champion show horses are being killed. She is a horse lover and former show rider herself.

She is the groom for our hero’s horses, Ross, his horses appear to be the next target.

This story was a good read and one of my favourites of this series and there was a hint of a romance right at the end which was good enough for me.

Book 35 – Engagement between Enemies by Kathie DeNosky – Desire

The story opens up where three men discover they are brothers and who their father was. Having read a similar scenario not long ago I wasn’t sure to continue. But I’m glad I did.

Emerald Larson has a plan, a plan to get her three grandsons, whom she has been watching since they were young boys, into the family business. The interesting thing is she has put all three boys into situations that are so outside what they are used to do they will either sink or swim.

Caleb is the first grandson we read about and he is asked to take over the running of an investment advisory business. He has no idea what he is doing but Alyssa does and he starts to rely on her.

Alyssa is determined not to ‘fall’ for Caleb. But she does and when they spend a couple of nights away on a business trip, their feelings surface and when they are caught returning to the office after spending the night in the car tongues start wagging. To stave off the gossip they ‘pretend’ to be engaged to save face. Emotions run hot and they give into their attraction.

It was a lovely story and I can’t wait until I can read the rest in the series. The only thing is book 3 is released this month here but I don’t know about book 2. Wish they’d release them in order. GRRRR

Happy Easter everyone!



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