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18 April 2006

Birthday Party Dilema

Well it had to happen one day and here it is, the birthday party dilema.

Skylar's 4th birthday is coming up soon and time to think about having a party. Now over the past 3 years its been pretty easy - family and a couple of her friends. But this year something new has been added to the equation - School. Who do you invite from school? Do I invite the whole class, being 23 kids, or do I just invite the kids she plays with and a couple of her other friends.

Saturday we head off to our first party of the year so I guess I could see then who got invited. Plus there is another one in May. Or alternatively I could just ring one of the mum's and ask her what the 'done' thing is.

My gut feel is not to invite the whole class as there are some kids I think she doesn't play with. I'm sure its really not that hard and I should just make a decision. Invite all or just a few.

Another thing how do you keep 23 kids occupied for a couple of hours. I know I was chatting to my nail technician on Saturday and she said her daughter was at a party and they had hired a Magician! I'm thinking pass the parcel and musical chairs. That's it!! LOL

Oh well I'm sure I'll work something out.



  • At 3:24 am , Blogger Becky said...

    Hi Nicki!

    I know your dilemma. I just had my first real birthday party for my six year old. Although we had it at Hungry Jack's which made it a LOT easier!

    He didn't invite everyone in his kindy class - about 13 out of 20 kids. I actually set a limit of ten kids from school but when we were handing out the invitations a couple of kids came and asked me if they could come too. (what could I say...of course I said yes!)

    On the day there were seventeen kids (three were his brothers and two cousins) so 11 kids turned up from school.

    And boy ... I was glad we were at Hungry jacks because 17 excited children are very hard to control. (at one point I seriously thought we'd lost someone)

    Anyway good luck....and make sure you enlist as many mothers as you can to help you out. You'll need it!!


  • At 7:51 am , Blogger Just Nicki said...

    Hey Becky

    Thanks for the advice. I think I'll see what happens on Saturday. Skylar's birthday isn't until 25 May so I have a little time to think about it.

    They are on school holidays until 2 May.

  • At 12:21 pm , Blogger Nicole Reising said...

    Hi Nicki - I've tried it all. Really!

    Our school is boys and girls. When they were young we invited them all. But heres the catch on that one - My oldest only and first one to learn with - only had 12 in his class. 6 boys 6 girls. Doable. My second - Well, it keeps changing but between 21 and 23. First year all came - how do you say no when you did it for the other one? Something to keep in mind.

    We've done everything from the over nighter(camping), drive an hour and half with several cars to a PlayStation where they are all contained for a couple of hours and then drove back and gave them back to their parents to trying to select only a few from the class. Which as Becky found out is tricky. You can't do it at school - feelings get hurt and parents get mad - believe you me I've been there. You get the addresses(which isn't always easy but possible and put them in the mail). With Chase (my oldest)we still invite all the boys - total of 6. With Tanner we only select a few. Most of his class of currently 23 is boys. Only a couple girls and for some reason Tanner's group is always out of control giggly when ever they get together. And that's only with just a couple at a time!!!

    We've gone out for dinner and done all the party games at home.

    I guess when it comes right down to it - what do you want? What are you going to get stressed over? What does your daughter want? (My kids have a LOUD opinion. *grin*) My hubby has said no more ton's of kids - he gets stressed by the noise. I'm used to it and it doesn't stress me. So this year we'll have to find some middle ground. :-)

    Have fun!!!

  • At 10:47 pm , Blogger Danica/Dream said...

    Nooooo!!! She's not that old already, is she?

  • At 10:29 pm , Blogger THIS! Christine said...

    Other people's kids drive me completely batshit. I always limited the Spawn's birthday party to 8 kids total. He got to decide who he wanted, it's his party after all. (frankly the thought of having his whole class present makes me want to reach staright for the scotch bottle... and what if there's a bully in the class? Someone Skylar doesn't like.. why should she be made unhappy on her special day for politeness sake?)



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