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01 April 2006

Follow up on Flylady

I'm glad that some of you have checked out the Flylady site. It is true that you can get inundated by the emails. The reminders, as I stated because of living on the other side of the world, get an immediate deletion. I read some of the testimonials and some I don't. The only ones I truly pay attention too are the ones from Flylady and Kelly. Then if after a couple of lines I don't find it relevant the delete button gets used.

I bought a note book the other day and that is going to be my 'control journal'. I have made a note of my morning, after work and before dinner routines. Some of the things on my list are things I've put down that I need to get done, not necessiarly ideas from the site.

The thing I love is the 'doing something for 15 minutes'. Today I used it when I was ironing. I would iron for 15 mins then go do something else, then back to the ironing. Makes an arduous task manageable. I'm hoping that I will find the more I do during the week the more time I have for me and family time on the weekend.

So this site is really a personal thing. It is what I needed something to give me an idea on how to get a handle on things. Little things at a time, a bit here and a bit there and eventually it will get done. I know our study will take a while but a little bit here and there and I will start to make headway.

It was so daunting walking into the house and seeing the mess and going where do I start! Then I'd go, tomorrow I'll do it and well tomorrow came and avoidance as well. This time I just tackle a little bit and then move on.

And I feel like I've accomplished something, even if it is just a tiny thing.

As silly as it sounds I needed someone to give me an idea or a format for me to follow and Flylady was it.



  • At 4:55 pm , Blogger Soul said...

    I agree with you about being overwhelmed by all of the flylady e-mails. I created two 'filters' in my e-mail account. One is a folder labeled flylady and every e-mail that includes the word 'flylady' gets automatically put into this folder. This way, if I get behind and a little overwhelmed by all the e-mails, I can easily dump it and start fresh. The other 'filter' moves every e-mail that has the word 'testimonial' into another folder. I rarely read these and this way I can easily sort them out. Just my 2 cents. ;)


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