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17 April 2006

Book 42 - Book Challenge

Okay the only reason I'm doing this one separately is because the next three books I read are all part of a series and I wanted to post them all together.

Book 42 – Reflected Pleasures – by Linda Conrad - Desire

This is the second book in Linda’s series. It was released in Australia last year but I hadn’t got around to reading it until now.

The story starts out with a Gypsy handing a mirror to our hero Tyson Steele. The gypsy is carrying out her father’s wishes and the gypsies a repaying a debt to Lucille Steele, Tyson’s great aunt.

When Tyson looks into the mirror he doesn’t see a reflection. Just clear glass. The mirror will show him his true desire, so the gypsy says.

Merri is our heroine and she is from a rich family, a former model and just wants to live a normal life. So she takes the job as Tyson’s Assistant.

From the moment they met they both tried to deny their feelings for each other. Merri is trying desperately to keep her family history from Tyson and he hates anyone who lies to him. So as their relationship progresses she finds it harder and harder to reveal the truth.

At an organised event for Tyson’s charitable foundation the press are there and Tyson overhears their conversation. Tyson feels very betrayed that Merri has kept her true identity from him and wants nothing more to do with her.

After an ear bashing from his aunt Tyson looks at the mirror and sees his true love, Merri. He rushes after her and rescues her from the press and they sort out their problems.

I have one more book to read in the series and I hope we find out in that book just what Lucille did to help the gypsies.

Sorry for the double post ;)



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