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18 September 2010

Taking the Plunge

I took the plunge and entered a contest.  A contest that put my work out on the web for all to see.  I entered the Mills & Boon New Voices Contest.

A few years  ago I entered the "Instant Seduction" contest run by the IheartPresents site.  I didn't receive any feedback so I will admit to feeling a bit down. But hey it's the life of a writer there are times when you get nothing and other times you get valuable advice. I wasn't sure about entering this contest.  I mean you are putting your work out there for people to comment on.  People rate your chapter.  I will say I was very pleased to see some nice comments.  I've only got 5 but hey I'm happy with that.  I also have a fairly good rating so far.  Not sure if the rating makes a difference but I'm guessing not.

There are a lot of entries and only 10 go into the next round.  So even though I'm hopeful and keeping wishing I'll be one of the 10, as I think all entrants are. I'm also realistic. Maybe I will have piqued the interest of one of the judges and maybe I'll get a request.  If not I'll plug this baby somewhere else.

But I am proud of myself for doing it.


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