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29 September 2009

Twilight Zone

That's kind of how I feel at the moment - living in the twilight zone. We've been in Houston for 7 weeks now and we've bought two cars and a house. Everything we need. But still it doesn't quite feel 'real'.

The other day we were heading out and my DH got a coffee, he handed over the money and that's when it hit me again, we're living in the States. I just can't go a few kilometres down the road and then I'll be at my parents house. Or the familiar shopping centre which has bread my kids like. Now I have to find those places and believe me, finding a bread the kids like is a challenge!

For me my life changed dramatically, I'm not working. I don't have to get up and spend 6 hours in the office. It was never a burden, I loved my job and the people I worked with. Fortunately with technology today I can still do work for them, which I love. It makes me feel useful and still gives me a connection. I can't see the WINK girls face to face anymore, now its over a crackly speaker and sometimes I can't hear everything that is said but I still look forward to that Wednesday morning, once a month when I connect with my girls.

For the kids, well adjusting to American school life has been difficult for them. It's a whole different ball game. They've come from a place where they were separated from the other school grades. They were loved and cared for and nurtured. It makes me realise just how lucky they were. For the kindergarten kids, it was great, they had their own playground, there were no big kids to scare them and for their first year at school - it was great. Also the teachers didn't yell or growl at their old school, sure they may have raised their voices on occasion but they used different methods to get their attention. Would it be a bad thing to suggest to the teachers here to try this way instead of yelling? Maybe it might be a little too soon for that.

All I can do is nurture the kids and give them all of my love and try not to yell at them myself! Now I don't have the stress of working and rushing out to do a lingerie party I do have the time to sit with them. I'm making preparations for dinner early so that when I pick them up from school I can help with homework and if the weather permits take them to the playground to let off the excess energy they have. It's weird for them not to run around and play at lunchtime at school - they're not used to sitting in a cafeteria!

For my DH he is in the thick of things with work - the reason for our move. He's finding they do work differently here but knowing my DH, he'll adjust quicker than all of us. He's just that type of guy. Takes on the challenges life throws at him with guts and determination - it's why I love him.

So it may sound that I'm not enjoying my time here in Houston but I truly am. I'm enjoying that I don't have to work. I'm really looking forward to moving into our house. It's such a pretty house and I can't wait until we can move all our furniture in there. I also love the fact that our cat Scooter made the journey with us. It has certainly made it feel more like home.

We are all adjusting and in time, everything will be natural. I'll even find a bread the kids like!