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08 July 2010

The Familiar

I'm blogging to you from my hometown of Perth. Currently sitting in my mum's family room and it feels like it was just yesterday I was here and not nearly twelve months ago. It's amazing how the familiar surrounds you like a warm blanket.

I've been back in town nearly a week and it's been a busy time catching up with my workmates as well as seeing my nephews and nieces. The kids are having a great time playing with their cousins (big and small) again. But until my DH arrives, it doesn't feel totally complete. Only another week a bit before he arrives. YAY!

I also went to my writing group's monthly meeting the other night. One of the other girls said it was like I had never left. Maybe it's because they've been wonderful and kept me involved by Skypeing me in every meeting. Now that is a challenge. It's difficult on my end as much as it's difficult on their end. Sometimes I can't hear and sometimes they can't hear me but I am FOREVER grateful that they do still include me.

I'll admit to even enjoying driving around town, after nearly twelve months of driving in Houston, the slow pace of home is good - I don't get so stressed :)

So this first trip home is exciting and wonderful but I know it's just a holiday and will only be a holiday destination for the next few years. Home, at the moment, is Houston.