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11 August 2008


Hey All

Well it's been a month since my last post and I've been busy. Not so much with the writing but more with life in general.

So the update of my pitch. I got a request for a partial and full synopsis. I was so excited. Felt like I had really bombed in the pitch but was super glad to have the request - great outcome for me as the full really isn't that ready to send just yet.

Anyway slaved away for two weeks on it and finally sent it off on 1st August. I wanted it to be just right and spent a good time giving it the time I thought it needed to make it sparkle and shine. Didn't really want to rush it either! It will take about a week to get to the US so it's probably sitting on Diana's desk now waiting to be opened and read. I've had a bad feeling about getting the address wrong but that is just the negative vibe in the mind. So now it's a waiting game for me and one I'm not to patient with LOL. I go to the mail box everyday wondering if there is something in there fore me. Or I check my emails every five minutes even knowing it's the middle of the night.

So what do I do now? Well I continue to edit edit edit as she is going to ask for the full and then submit and guess what? Wait!

Also I'm pitching at the Romance Australia conference which comes up in 10 sleeps so I need to polish that pitch and the manuscript which kind of needs a bit of writing to be done on it.

I'm really looking forward to conference to meet up with people I've chatted to online with. This year it's all about networking for me I think. Although I say that now but when I get there I'm sure I'm going to be bitten by the shy bug. :-)

I'm going to take my nifty little laptop away so maybe I'll blog while I'm away.