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20 September 2010

Empty Chairs, Empty Room, Empty Heart

What do you do when the love of your life is taken away. Even though it's expected it's never easy. Every where you turn. In every corner of every room there is a memory. You look into your children's face and you see them. Will it get easier in time? Do you want it to get easier in time? You will never forget but how do you go on? You must because of the children. You're the one they look to for guidance and for hugs. But who is there to guide and hug you? Who is there to help you through that tough time? Your loved one is still with you. Over looking everything you do. They are in your heart. They walk beside you. Even though they are not physically there if you reach out they will be reaching for you too. And every time you sleep and dream of them that is their way of connecting with you.

Time eases the pain but it never truly goes away. Do not be sad for they are at peace. Even though it's the most unfair thing in the whole world.

My heart bleeds for a friend who is going through this.  A magic couple so in love with two beautiful kids. Why did it happen to them? I'll never know the answer. No one knows the paths our lives will take. All we must do is take them and know that we were chosen for it. The strongest are chosen for the tougher paths but the reward at the end will be amazing - even though, at the time, they cannot see it.

Be strong, Laines. I know you can do it. You've a beautiful soul and a beautiful heart. I am honoured to know you.

RIP Phil 37 was way to young to die.


18 September 2010

Taking the Plunge

I took the plunge and entered a contest.  A contest that put my work out on the web for all to see.  I entered the Mills & Boon New Voices Contest.

A few years  ago I entered the "Instant Seduction" contest run by the IheartPresents site.  I didn't receive any feedback so I will admit to feeling a bit down. But hey it's the life of a writer there are times when you get nothing and other times you get valuable advice. I wasn't sure about entering this contest.  I mean you are putting your work out there for people to comment on.  People rate your chapter.  I will say I was very pleased to see some nice comments.  I've only got 5 but hey I'm happy with that.  I also have a fairly good rating so far.  Not sure if the rating makes a difference but I'm guessing not.

There are a lot of entries and only 10 go into the next round.  So even though I'm hopeful and keeping wishing I'll be one of the 10, as I think all entrants are. I'm also realistic. Maybe I will have piqued the interest of one of the judges and maybe I'll get a request.  If not I'll plug this baby somewhere else.

But I am proud of myself for doing it.


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12 September 2010

Change of Name

Hi All

As you can see my blog is no longer called "Just Nicki".  The reasoning for this is I'm linking everything to the name I'm going to use with my writing, which of course is my real name!  Unless of course I can't use my real name then I will have to change everything then.

I'm also considering changing the name of my blog address to  But when I do that I will give you a heads up so that you can change your favourites address so you can still find me.

I did a fabulous workshop yesterday at the West Houston RWA group.  It was about marketing yourself and I realised that I need to uniform my exposure on the web.  I'll also look at starting up a 'fan page' on facebook.

Keep watching this space for updates with my plans. Change is good and it's all part of the bigger plan.