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18 December 2007

Almost Over

Well in 14 days time we'll be in 2008 and yet another year has passed us all by.

I've had a good year. It started off with me changing jobs and moving to a much friendlier working environment. Like getting up and going to work each day, which in itself is a good thing. :-)

The highlight of the year would have to have been going to the Romance Writers of Australia annual conference. Jennifer Crusie was an amazing speaker, only wish I could have bottled what she exuded to all of us so whenever I feel down, writing wise, I can open the bottle and get all inspired again. But one thing is for sure, now I've been to one, I'm going to darn well try and get to one every year!

The year has finished off nicely, hubby just got a new job, been contracted to a major Australian company which is so very exciting for him. He is going to do a fabulous job I just know it.

Did I managed to submit this year? Umm no. Bad Nicki :-) It seemed I always had a reason as to why I couldn't submit just yet. Pitching at conference. Waiting for contest feedback. etc etc. Read that all as being a procrastinator and a scaredy cat. Although there is this awesome contest where the winner will receive an editor for a year. I want that soooo badly. I've got to write a kick-ass synopsis and first chapter. I'm pretty pleased with my first chapter and then going to work on the synopsis. Holidays are coming up so I will have time. NO PROCRASTINATING!!! You can all come in and remind me to enter the contest. LOL

What a year for my two kids, Skylar is beginning another big adventure in school next year, grade one. The boundaries change now, it's not all about fun and play now, but I'm sure she'll do great.

Zane will be starting a 3 year old kindy in preparation for fulltime kindergarten in 2009. I think he'll love it.

My DH is entering an exciting phase in his employment life and I know he will excel in it.

Me well I'm going to watch my brood with pride and love and I'm going to submit the damn book next year and put pen to paper for a few more!

And just because I can, a recent picture of my two precious babies proudly showing their favourite Australian Rules Football team colours.

Keep safe and have a wonderful festive season.