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10 August 2010

And a Year has Gone By

On 10th August 2009 I said goodbye to family and friends in Perth and embarked on our new adventure in Houston Texas. It's hard to believe that a year has passed by.

Last month I was back home in Perth and it was wonderful. It felt right to drive on the left hand side of the road but on the right hand side of the car. It felt wonderful to see my nephews and nieces and to see the way my older nephews and niece ran and played and harassed my two kids. And it was nice to get mum and dad hugs. There is nothing nicer for a child to have a hug from their mum and dad - no matter how old they are. I love giving my kids hugs, it's the best feeling.

Now we are back in Houston and getting ready for the school year to start. The transition from Perth to Houston was so much easier this time simply because we went back to our house, slept in our beds and were surrounded by everything that is ours. Last year we arrived and stayed in an apartment, although lovely it was never 'home'.

As we flew back I was lucky enough to be given an upgrade to business class from my husband - he is the best. Seriously when you are on a plane for over 15 hours business class is the only way to fly! I wandered back to see the family at one stage of the flight and found them all snuggled up together asleep. I'll never forget the picture it made my heart melt. That's my family and I love them to bits.

So now a year has passed and we are settled in which takes us to the next step - starting to explore the States and also taking advantage of the cheap flights to other countries and maybe spending Christmas in some wonderfully exotic place.

Our adventure still continues and now it's time to make it bigger and better!



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