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21 October 2010

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

So I was at my West Houston RWA Chapter meeting back in September and it came the time for some book reviews.  One of the reviews was for Sophie Jordan's new book "Firelight". It is a Young Adult novel. Now the only YA novel I've read recently is Twilight and well, to be honest, I slugged through that book, finally 150 pages before the end, it became interesting.  Prior to that I could put the book down for weeks and not worry about it. Not want to sneak pages in at every second.  The book is also in Present tense. But the review given was positive and as she was a member of the chapter I'm all for supporting the members. So I purchased the book.

Well am I totally glad that I purchased that book!  I was hooked after 17 pages, no waiting for the last 150 pages to get my interest. I also had to read it at every opportunity.  I've just finished and I want the next book NOW!

Jacinda is a dragon (draki). She's like every teenager rebelling against the rules. Unfortunately one of the times she rebels, almost costs her, her life. Her Pride have plans for her, and this latest act of rebellion ups the timeframe of their plans. Her mother decides that she will not stand for it and with Jacinda, her twin Tamra they flee the pride to start out. But unbeknown to Jacinda, her mother has plans for her as well.

Jacinda meets Will and her draki flares to life whenever she is surrounded by him. But Will and his family are also the enemy. But she is drawn to him and can't stay away.

That's all I'm going to say because otherwise I'll tell you everything!!  Do yourself a favour and go and invest in the book. You won't be disappointed.  It's a fabulous read!


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  • At 9:39 pm , Blogger sarah said...

    I am so happy that Natalie's review and my rambling gave you enjoyment! :) But wasn't I right! :)


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