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16 April 2006

Books 36 - 38 Book Challenge

Okay so here is my next instalment. I hope everyone has had a great Easter.

Book 36 – The Ruthless Groom by Bronwyn Jameson – Desire

This is the third and final book in her ‘Princes of the Outback’ Series. This is about Alex the eldest brother. He has just been stood up by his bride to be Susannah. He heads off to where she might be and meets up with her best friend Zara. Instant attraction between the two. An accident forces them back to the cabin where the tension between them rises up.

What was good to see was that both felt a little guilty about their reactions to each other. Both felt that they were betraying Susannah. Of course Susannah advises that she can’t marry Alex and both are free to explore their feelings.

Alex is quite a passionate person but because of how his father was he suppresses those emotions. He likes to keep control of his feelings.

Zara finds herself pregnant and she isn’t sure how to tell Alex. She keeps putting it off. Eventually her flat mate calls him and Alex rushes in like a bull at a gate and Zara is immediately put offside. To me there was actually a question of whether she was ACTUALLY pregnant. She had morning sickness symptoms and the home test said yes. But there was a snippet that said she needed it confirmed by the doctor. I’m assuming all was well. LOL

A quiet chat with his mum is all he needs to realise that he handled the situation all wrong. He goes back and tries again. This time he is successful.

There was an epilogue to the story and it was a summation leading up to the wedding of Alex and Zara. It showed that both Rafe and Tomas were extremely happy and Angie and Cat were both pregnant.

I Love Bron’s books and can’t wait until her next one comes out.

Book 37 – The Playboys Protégé by Michelle Dunaway – Sexy/American Romance

This was a 2002, I think, release in the US and is a part of a series by this author. I really dislike it when I find a book belonging to a series and I can’t get the rest of them. LOL Oh well.

Grandpa Joe has set up Harry and Megan. They had an instant dislike to each other but we all know that that really means attraction. Anyway they are sent away as part of a negotiating team to take over a chain of restaurants. Megan has a really good business mind and finds all the problems with the presentation. Due to her recommendations on how they should handle things, they win the bid and Harry finds himself quite attracted to her.

The other members of the team leave and Megan and Harry are left to tie things up. Harry’s sister lives in New York so they met up with her for dinner. By this time both Harry and Megan have developed strong feelings for each other. Grandpa Joe comes to attend the final meeting and offers Megan a promotion, which by rights, should be Harry’s.

Harry is devastated that he has once again been looked over by his grandpa and decides to leave the family firm and stay in New York all the time believing that Megan had betrayed him. Megan heads back to St Louis heartbroken. She has lunch with Harry’s father and realises that she can’t take a job that is supposed to be Harry’s. She goes back to New York to try and reconcile with Harry. Initially he doesn’t want anything to do with her but his sister talks some sense into him and then he rushes over to where Megan is and tells her again he loves her and that he was being pigheaded.

I really did enjoy this read and would like to see if I could somehow get the other titles in the series. But I think I will have to order them from Amazon and so maybe I won’t. LOL

Book 38 - Angels & Outlaws by Lori Wilde – Blaze

This is the first book the “White Star Series”. The story starts out the White Star being stolen. The we see our heroine, Cass on a ledge 8 stories up trying to retrieve her scarf that flew out the window. Enter Sam our hero, who is also a cop. He has come to interview Cass on her suspected involvement in high end robberies. He immediately thinks Cass is trying to kill herself. He lost a woman by suicide as a rookie and determines that she isn’t going to go the same way.

Sam is instantly attracted to her and Cass is attracted to him, only both aren’t sure how to handle the situation. Sam because she is a suspect and Cass because she doesn’t do long term relationships.

Their journey to find each other and letting go of past guilt starts.

Once I got started on this book I really did enjoy. The mystery of the White Star continues and I do have the second book in my TBR to read.



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