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26 October 2005

So Much For Good Intentions

Guess nobody will really be visiting me now. Not seeing as I haven't blogged in over a month.

How did that happen? Well I guess I just never got around to it. I mean I have diligently been relieving reception and in fact that is where I am now. And I really haven't had an awful lot to do when I've been sitting at reception, work wise but been cruising and catching up at Eharlequin.

So what has been happening in the last 6 weeks since I last blogged?

Well we finally moved into the house which is fantastic! We got it all painted in 5 and half days and then the next major task was putting the floor down.

That was a HUGE job. We only decided on 2 rooms with carpet, that being our bedroom and 2nd bedroom/gym room. The rest of the house we put down wooden laminate floor. Big job but Jason did a FANTASTIC job and would have completed it by the time we moved in if he hadn't have decided to try and cut his finger off. Two days before we moved he he ended up with a broken finger! But we still managed to move in and are slowly starting to get settled.

Landscaping will finally be done this Friday so no more sand out the front. Will just have the back to do and that will take a while.

Kids are loving having the extra room to play around in.

Home life is so much more pleasanter in a nice new house and not the hovel we were living in. LOL

Now I must go, my time at reception was over long ago, in fact I'm sitting at home finishing this off.