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12 September 2010

Change of Name

Hi All

As you can see my blog is no longer called "Just Nicki".  The reasoning for this is I'm linking everything to the name I'm going to use with my writing, which of course is my real name!  Unless of course I can't use my real name then I will have to change everything then.

I'm also considering changing the name of my blog address to  But when I do that I will give you a heads up so that you can change your favourites address so you can still find me.

I did a fabulous workshop yesterday at the West Houston RWA group.  It was about marketing yourself and I realised that I need to uniform my exposure on the web.  I'll also look at starting up a 'fan page' on facebook.

Keep watching this space for updates with my plans. Change is good and it's all part of the bigger plan.