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25 March 2010

And so the adventure continues ....

We've been in Houston for 7.5 months and I'm getting used to things, especially the driving. I still feel like they are the most insane drivers in the world but I just try and time my adventures on the interstate highway :)

I still get the surreal feeling where I wonder if its all a dream and I'll wake up back in my old house in Perth. I'll admit it and say I am missing a hug from my mum and dad. I speak to them and see them on Skype but getting that hug, well that's something different.

I'm not pining, sitting on the couch in a ball of misery, sobbing my heart out. I don't do that. I feel it's a waste of time. I'm a wife, mother and a grown woman. I have a family I need to look after and support so I can't be that ball of misery. I won't be that ball of misery!

Skylar has settled into the school system really well. I think it helped that she had a girl take her under her wing the first couple of weeks at school. Also Skylar was able to cope with the workload and it gave her a lot of confidence. I'm extremely proud of what she's achieved so far. She is blossoming and becoming a gorgeous girl. But sometimes I dread what her teenage years will be like with some of the attitude she gives sometimes!

Zane has had the biggest adjustment of all. He had 3 teachers in his first 4 weeks at school and for a young boy of just five that on top of a change of country, change of school system, has made his transition all that harder. He has had a huge learning curve and has come such a long way. I tell him everyday he is a beautiful boy. A smart boy. And I'm so very proud of him. The thing that is setting him back is the lack of opportunity for physical activity. His first real break from the class room is recess which is in the early afternoon. With school starting at 7.50am that's a long time for anyone, not just boys to sit and learn. They don't have the attention span. I've even talked to some of the staff at the school and they agree that some more physical activity is needed. But it just doesn't happen. But I will keep telling him that he can do it all.

Another factor for both my kids is that they have been in school since February 2009. I knew it would be interesting for them seeing as the school years are different here in the US than in Australia. Since they started school in August 2009 they've had a total of 3.5 weeks off school, with the odd long weekend thrown in for good measure. For the kids they would have had their 6-8 week break over December/January. They will be extremely glad when the end of May comes and they get 3 months off. They're going to need it. Not sure how I'll survive but I'll get there.

So the adventure for us continues and it's an exciting one. Now that we've settled in and the weather is warming up, its time to start exploring. Lots of adventures and new things to uncover.


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19 March 2010

My Turn

Hi All

It's my turn to blog at Wink Girls. Come on over and check it out.


17 March 2010

Emotionally draining

The last two weeks have been so emotionally draining for me I feel like I've aged 20 years!

My beautiful Siberian husky is a sock fiend! In the last two weeks we've started to get on first name basis with the employees at the Emergency Vet Centre! But having a pet is a commitment that I don't back away from.

After each vet visit I find I'm so emotionally stressed and drained that I can't do anything! I want to write but I feel like I've got no emotion left to attend to any of my writing. But maybe that is the best time to write. When I'm on this emotional stress ride. I can put my characters through the wringer. Take them on a ride that they won't ever forget. Make them strong and learn intrinsic things about each other.

Back to my beautiful Maya, I will train this out of her. She already drops items when I ask her too, just at the moment not socks. But I won't give up. I will defeat her because I'm the Alpha female of this family! :)

One thing I have decided there is definitely a romance story in this adventure. The possibilities are vast.


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05 March 2010

Revisiting old friends

So last week I revisited some old friends. It was like old times. It was great remembering how they'd met. But these weren't friends that had visited me from Australia, these friends were characters from two books. The books are from one of my favourite authors - Michelle Reid. Goodness she writes some awesome tales. These two stories just tugged at something in me. So romantic and the heroes - so Alpha. The book titles are "Marriage on the Rebound" and "Gold Ring of Betrayal". I just keep going back to them over and over to relive the romance of these couples. I wish I could write like that!

Then a moment of horror occurred. I walked into our family room and the dog had my book and had ripped it. OH NO! No, No No! Not one of my favourite, favourite, favourite books! Devastation hit. I grabbed it off of her but it wasn't salvageable. What to do? Shall I just leave it and go 'Oh well'? It is just a book after all. No I'm sorry, it wasn't just a book to me, it's an example of fine writing!

So I jump onto the computer and order another copy from Amazon. It arrived two days later so I was able to finish my visit with one group of characters. It's silly to get so attached to characters in a book but when it's a beautifully crafted story you can't help but cheer for them and want to visit with them over and over and over again.

So are there any books that you would never give up and you continually go back to?


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