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17 October 2008


So it's Friday night, DH has gone away, what's the perfect thing to do - watch a chick flick of course. I'd bought 'Sex and the City' Movie last night. I'll admit I didn't really get into it until late in the last series. I loved it and wished I had a group of girlfriends like that. Ones that will support you in the highs and lows of your life.

So I'll admit and say I cried most of the movie. There were so many touching scenes and made me wish for that group of girls that I could rely on. It's also like the TV series 'Friends' the dynamic the group generates. The sad thing is, it's probably not real, it's all staged and written by clever writers and then transferred brilliantly to screen. Having said that I'm sure there are groups like that out there - well I'm going to believe that there are :)

Imagine knowing that all you had to do was call and within a short space of time your support network is there, helping, listening, laughing and crying with you.

I know I do have the Wink Girls that will be there to share the highs and lows with me. We've just had a brilliant high with one of the girls selling her first book. Congratulations Loretta! Can I say that I'm super happy and I'm super jealous as well, I wanted to be the first to sell - doesn't everyone. LOL Guess I have to submit more for that to happen. :) But I am happy for Loretta and know that it's the first of many from our group. The time has come for the Wink Girls to celebrate!

Well the editting and writing is not getting done and if I'm to be the next one to sell then I need to get my butt into gear and get my work in the post!


02 October 2008

Me so bad!

I should have blogged long ago I promised myself I'd be more punctual but you know life just gives you stuff that you have to deal with.

I had some exciting news the other week. I received a letter in the mail from Diana of Desire. She has asked to see the full manuscript of the story I pitched to her online! I squealed the news down the phone to my DH. I'm still not sure what he made of it all :)

So now I'm in edit mode, whilst still working on the submission to HM&B for the Medical I pitched at conference. I want these babies to sparkle so I'm not rushing. Only thing is I have changed some plot points so I need to do a bit of rewriting - but that's okay because my writing has improved so much.

I'm now wishing for more hours in the day, a big lottery win so I don't have to work and can spend my days at home writing and the evenings with the hubby and kids. It's a dream I know but hey, life would be boring if we didn't have dreams.

My dream of becoming published is a little closer - well being asked for a full is huge when you think about the fact that this time last year I'd done no submitting at all!

Well back to the real job.