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09 July 2008


Well what a week I've had. Monday was a full day with kids on school holidays and a trip into the city to visit their dad for lunch. Took them on the ferry and my son kept asking when would he see the 'fairy'. Eventually he got the idea that it was a boat not a pretty girl with wings.

Tuesday started out normally, rush and get the kids up and dressed while I get ready for work. Arrive at work and open the email. Now this Tuesday I was hoping to see an email from a certain person - but I was a bit afraid to look. But there amongst the junk was an address I was familiar with and a subject line I was almost too afraid to believe. The subject line was "Desire Editor Pitch."

Let's just say my heart started pounding and my hand shook as I rolled the mouse over the subject line and pressed 'click'. There on my screen where the words I didn't think I'd see. The words I had to read a couple of times before they sank in. The words that everyone who entered the contest wanted to see. Those words were, 'You've been chosen as one of the winners of our Desire Pitch Contest. =) Congratulations!'

I didn't scream I just sat for a moment saying 'Oh my God' 'Oh my God'. First thing I did was ring my hubby - he was a bit vague but I think he was excited for me. The next was send an email to my fellow Wink Girls then because I just had to tell someone rang a couple of girls. For the whole morning I was floating trying to concentrate on work and not getting very far.

This is an awesome opportunity for me. I'm now going over my synopsis and reading through the first three chapters and then the next three and then the next three. I'm going to make this sparkle and shine and stand out for the editor to love so much she wants to buy it!!! :-)

My pitch is next Tuesday 15th. It's going to be a late night for me but it's going to be so worth it.

I'll keep everyone posted as to how I go.