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25 April 2006

Book Challenge - 46 - 48

Okay so there was only one reasonable post between book reviews. LOL Still thinking about the party dilema. Might just invite a few. LOL That's today anyway.

Book 46 – Cause for Scandal by Anna DePalo – Desire

Okay what is it about this current Dynasty Series by Desire. I read this book in an afternoon. No saggy middle, no need at all to flit through the book to find out information just a straight sit down and read it all in one go.

This book is about Summer and Zeke. Summer is trying to get an interview with our rock star hero Zeke. She fails on her first attempt and her twin sister suggests she ‘sexes’ up her appearance to get backstage to see Zeke.

It works, in fact it works so well that they end up in bed hours after they first met. Summer is engaged and a virgin, so giving her virginity to Zeke after a few short hours is telling in itself.

She breaks her engagement the next day. Zeke finds out that she is not a groupie but in fact an heiress. When he meets with “Scarlett”, Summer’s twin, he notices straightaway that she isn’t the same woman that he spent the night with. The press published a picture and it said that his companion was Scarlett.

Scarlett becomes very distant from her sister as the story goes and having read the blurb for the next book I know why. LOL

Anyway Summer grows as a character and it is revealed later on that she modelled for a photographer friend of hers and Zeke purchased one of the pictures of her and she has been his muse. The hint was there that this was the case but its nice that it was indeed validated.

I really really enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read the next book. I really haven’t been disappointed at all with this series.

Book 47 – His Wedding Night-Wager by Katherine Garbera – Desire

This is the first book in a three book series – What Happens in Vegas. *Sigh* Why do I always pick books that are part of a series. LOL Actually this was in with Anna DePalo’s book and I have enjoyed Katherine’s books previously.

The back blurb promised so much. I thought a good story of revenge. But even though I really really enjoyed the book I was kind of let down.

It was clear from the start that Hayden still had feelings for Shelby, other than just wanting to bed her.

It was a fast paced book and I think Katherine did do the characters justice, I just would have liked to have seen Hayden make Shelby suffer a bit more. Hmm maybe I’m too used to alpha males. LOL

The other thing that interested me was Shelby’s partner, Paige. Now there is a story waiting to be written I’m sure and I hope Katherine considers writing her story. Paige isn’t part of the series.

Book 48 - Reunion of Revenge by Kathie DeNosky – Desire

This was the second book in her “The Illegitimate Heirs” series. Another great read for me as it only took me just over a day to read it.

Nick and Cheyenne had a past and her father broke them up. Now Nick is back to take over the family ranch and Cheyenne is his foreman. The attraction is still hot between them and her father now is not as strong as he used to be … or is he?

A lovely reunion journey between our two main characters and the truth comes out just what Cheyenne’s father did. Fortunately all gets forgiven.

The only thing that confused me was that in the first book when the brothers were discussing each company they had been given to make their own. Nick mentions how silly it was for a desk jockey to be given a ranch to run. It turns out it was his family ranch. So how can he be not experienced in running a ranch. That was an anomaly that I would have expected in a series written by different authors. Not one written by the same author.

Until next time.



  • At 1:01 pm , Blogger Nicole Reising said...

    Hi Nicki - I love you comment on your second book - maybe I'm just too used to alpha males - I have felt the same way at times. Yet I really love a strong female too. And I have been frustrated when the male is what I like but the female is a pansy! I want her to actually win sometimes. :-) Obviously not completely or they won't get together but just enough so that he knows. *grin*


  • At 9:22 pm , Blogger Rae said...

    I too like the stronger heroine. I get sick of women always cow-towing to the males. There needs to be a 50/50 split for me to feel comfortable with the story.



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