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12 July 2009

Big Moves

Have you ever had to make a decision that will take you away from everything you know and are familiar with? Well we've just made it. We're moving to Houston, Texas USA. We are moving for my DH's job. Great career opportunity for him. For me I'm dead scared about leaving all I know behind.

We've spent the last week there and it was great and exciting but as we were driving back home from the airport yesterday it hit me that next time we go it could be well over a year before I see the familiar streets of Perth. How am I going to cope? There will be no more spontaneously lunches with my parents, no family parties. I love my family so leaving them behind will be hard.

But on the upside I will have my own family with me. My unit that my DH and I have created. It will be our chance to tighten our family unit. Make us a stronger team. It's perhaps what we need to cement us together tight. We will only have each other and we will have to love and give each other strength and support.

With technology nowadays, extended families aren't that far away, not like they used to be.

So as we embark on this new adventure I know that there will be times when all I want to do is get on that plane and come back home but there will be other times when I'll be having so much fun that I won't even think of what we've left behind. It will always be there and really, just a couple of flights away.