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19 May 2010

Release Date!!!

No not my release date but today - 19th May 2010 is the release date for fellow WInk Girl Shona Husk's debut book with The Wild Rose press - "An Elemental Tail".

It has a smoking hot cover and the cover for upcoming release on 8th June with Samhain Publishing is just as hot!

It's a must read and you can buy it here!


16 May 2010

Goals Set - then the curve ball called life intervenes!

Last Saturday I attended my first meeting with the West Houston Chapter of Romance Writers of America. I finally joined RWA at the beginning of the year and once my membership was confirmed I immediately joined the local chapter. I couldn't wait to get to a meeting! Unfortunately it took two months before I finally got there!

When I first joined the chapter and introduced myself to the Yahoo loop a local girl emailed me privately and it turned out her really good friend was from Australia and I had actually met her at a function at the end of January. Pretty amazing considering how multi cultural Houston is and the fact that the population is over 5 million!

The May meeting looms and the topic of the meeting is "Time Management". I so need that! I arrange with hubby for him not to go riding so I can attend the meeting. He can be soccer mum for a week instead of me :)

I arrive with nerves but soon I'm welcomed into the fold like an old friend. Seriously, you have to love the Romance Writers community, they make you feel so welcome. No matter if you've 50 books published or are just starting out. They a free with their knowledge and no question is every too silly or stupid - even if you think it is.

I leave the meeting with my weekly goals in mind. I was giving myself the weekend off to enjoy and then start fresh on Monday. Monday comes and after school drop off I sit down and open my new MS. I reach my goal of two pages and fiddle around with some more of the chapter, take stuff out and add stuff in. I'm all pumped to tackle a round of edits on my requested manuscript that evening.

Then it happened. I'm talking to my friend on Skype and dog is having an "I want to run around silly for a few seconds" moment and gets caught up in the cords. I juggle but SMASH the computer falls to the floor. Screen is shattered. My stomach sinks and I feel sick. This is not happening to me. Tell me it's a dream. Sadly the next day I take it to the place where I bought it and well it seems the hard drive also was smashed!! So I lost EVERYTHING. The work I'd done that morning and all the edits I'd done since I bought this new computer at the end of February. I'd also lost all the work I do for my job! Could I feel any sicker? Nope not at all. Had I done any backups - again sadly no!

Tomorrow is Monday and I vowed to myself I would give myself last week to wallow but come Monday I was going to open the manuscript and start again. Get my two pages done and then get ready to edit in the evening. The time to feel sorry for myself is over. Time to get cracking and get my writing goals back on track so I can reach that gold medal of publication!

Oh and I'll back up and send it to an email address every time I finish!


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09 May 2010

Author Interview with Robyn Grady


I've just interviewed Robyn Grady over at the WinkGirls blog. Go check it out and you could win something!!