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25 August 2005

What to say

It's been a week since my last blog. Seems I'm good at procrastinating with this as I am in general.

On the bright side though it seems the occupation of our new house is getting closer. It's been a long and trying road. This winter we've all been unwell with colds. Its never ending and I'm sure it's due to this house we live in. It's cold, dingy and I hate it. Unfortunately when I found this place I didn't realise what it was going to be truly like. But we had to find a place that took pets and we were getting desparate.

Anyway I know that the end is near and we will be in a our great new house.

I must get into the habit of typing in my blog. I get ideas when I lest expect it and think, hmmm that would be a great blog but now that it is open I can't think of what I want to say. LOL

Ain't that always the way?



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