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05 March 2010

Revisiting old friends

So last week I revisited some old friends. It was like old times. It was great remembering how they'd met. But these weren't friends that had visited me from Australia, these friends were characters from two books. The books are from one of my favourite authors - Michelle Reid. Goodness she writes some awesome tales. These two stories just tugged at something in me. So romantic and the heroes - so Alpha. The book titles are "Marriage on the Rebound" and "Gold Ring of Betrayal". I just keep going back to them over and over to relive the romance of these couples. I wish I could write like that!

Then a moment of horror occurred. I walked into our family room and the dog had my book and had ripped it. OH NO! No, No No! Not one of my favourite, favourite, favourite books! Devastation hit. I grabbed it off of her but it wasn't salvageable. What to do? Shall I just leave it and go 'Oh well'? It is just a book after all. No I'm sorry, it wasn't just a book to me, it's an example of fine writing!

So I jump onto the computer and order another copy from Amazon. It arrived two days later so I was able to finish my visit with one group of characters. It's silly to get so attached to characters in a book but when it's a beautifully crafted story you can't help but cheer for them and want to visit with them over and over and over again.

So are there any books that you would never give up and you continually go back to?


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