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17 March 2010

Emotionally draining

The last two weeks have been so emotionally draining for me I feel like I've aged 20 years!

My beautiful Siberian husky is a sock fiend! In the last two weeks we've started to get on first name basis with the employees at the Emergency Vet Centre! But having a pet is a commitment that I don't back away from.

After each vet visit I find I'm so emotionally stressed and drained that I can't do anything! I want to write but I feel like I've got no emotion left to attend to any of my writing. But maybe that is the best time to write. When I'm on this emotional stress ride. I can put my characters through the wringer. Take them on a ride that they won't ever forget. Make them strong and learn intrinsic things about each other.

Back to my beautiful Maya, I will train this out of her. She already drops items when I ask her too, just at the moment not socks. But I won't give up. I will defeat her because I'm the Alpha female of this family! :)

One thing I have decided there is definitely a romance story in this adventure. The possibilities are vast.


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  • At 2:51 pm , Anonymous Tara Madden said...

    The alpha of the pack is always a'll win this one!


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