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19 June 2006

Time Flies...

Wow its been nearly a month since I lost blogged. How did that happen? Anyway what has happened since then.

Oh yes the Birthday party. Well what can I say it was a HUGE success. We had 25 kids, including Skylar and Zane, and about 20 or so adults. The weather was supburb. It was sunny and warm which I was thankful for.

We had the party at my mum's house and they have a really large undercover patio area as well as a strip of grass. The face painter was a hit and the only game that I ended up having to play was pass the parcel because all the kids were having heaps of fun playing with the tub of toys my mum got out.

The biggest hit of all was the cake. Another masterpiece by my hubby. Every single mother was so impressed. They wanted to know who made the cake and when I told them, some what proudly that it was my wonderful hubby they were all in awe. They wanted to know if he had a cake shop and if he took orders.

I swear if Jason did decide to make a business of cake decorating he would have had about 15 orders there and then.

Skylar had a ball and got a heap of presents. One minute we had one kid there, the next we had 20!

I have to say though I have the best parents in the whole world. It first started out with them letting us have the party at their house. But then on Friday night when I had all the family over I started to get the stuff ready to make the lolly bags. My mum comes in and said "Dad got me to make 21 lolly bags for you." I couldn't believe it. The job I was dreading was done! Only problem was I wanted to have a few spare. Mum said no worries she should have enough lollies at home to make some more.

The next morning I arrive at her house and she tells me that there are now 33 lolly bags. WOOHOO! Plenty. Also my dad then says, "I've interferred again. I was thinking yesterday about the mum's of the kids. They'll stay and need food so I've bought 40 sausages and rolls and we'll have a sausage sizzle." Could my dad be any better! Thank goodness he did this because I wouldn't have had enough to feed the kids and the parents.

All the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and left with happy faces. All over but next year I think we'll only ask a few kids. LOL

In another post I'll load a picture of the Cake and Skylar with her face painted.



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