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15 May 2006

Contest Result

You may recall that earlier I posted that I had entered a Query and Synopsis contest. Well I didn't make the second round. Missed out by about 3% but hey I got an average of 83.8% score on my entry and for my first contest I'm extremely happy with that.

All the judges felt I had a good feel for the line and liked my plot.

I found the comments helpful and will read them again and look them over to see how I can use them to improve my MS.

Each judge had different views and I guess that would be expected seeing as I might love a book and the next person might dislike it immensely.

Each of the judges were past contest finalists/winner and all were published, one in a genre other than romance and the other two in romance.

So for my first contest experience I'll have to say that I'm extremely pleased I took the plunge. Even though it was scary to put it out there I made the first step on the way to getting myself ready for publication.

The Letter and Synopsis are really what sell your book. The fact that I can send the first three chapters is a bonus too.

Now all I have to do is see how I want to interpret the comments and see how they fit into the tone of my book.

As one Aussie author said:

"It's so good to get feedback too, from the judges. I know you know this already, but just work on the stuff that really resonates with you, the comments that make you go - oh yeah, that's what I was wondering - or where they all agree on something. Maybe there's something to think about in that case. I do love contests, but it's always worth remembering that it's *your* work and that in the end, the only judge who really counts is the one with the power to buy your manuscript."

Her comments are very valid too and one I will take note of.

So as I said, even though I didn't make the second round I am really pleased that I finally took the plunge and did something positive in my quest to be accepted.



  • At 1:09 pm , Blogger lidia said...

    Sorry about the results. However, it does seem that you got great feedback.

    It is just a matter of time before we see you in print. I have no doubt about that. You are very talented.

  • At 8:14 am , Blogger Just Nicki said...

    Thanks for your vote of confidence I'll send you an author copy when I get them ;)

  • At 5:55 pm , Blogger Jenne said...

    Awesome Nicki! I mean, bummer that you didn't get farther, but the feedback is so valuable anyway. :) So glad you took the plunge!

  • At 9:20 am , Blogger Nicole Reising said...

    Great job Nicki on sending something in and then seeing the positive from it all!! That says alot!

    Have fun writing!


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