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12 March 2006

Books 18-20 of Book Challenge

So here I go another rundown of books. I thought about doing blogs in advance but I don't think that will work because of the date written to date published. It will get lost!! LOL I've got so far behind in my blogs. I've read 30 books.

Book 18 - A Venetian Passion by Catherine George (Sexy/Modern/Presents)

Okay so Catherine has created a little series around a particular family - The Dysarts. Read all the childrens books and now this book is about the friend of Fenella Dysart.

I have to say this herione annoyed me something cruel. Laura was a very stubborn person that would never accept a gift. Everytime our hero, Domenico, tried to do something nice she threw it back in his face.

Needless to say the did work out their differences and a happy ending was had by all. The interesting thing in this book is that Laura's sister had a crisis. I'm now hoping Catherine will write her book.

I do enjoy Catherine's books very much.

Book 19 - Taken by the Highest Bidder by Jane Porter (Sexy/Modern/Presents)

This was an intensen read. Most of Jane's books are that is why she is a great author. This book was about Sam and Cristiano. Cristiano is a Formula 1 driver and also a consummate poker player. He 'won' Sam from her husband who was a complete loser at the game. It comes out in the book that Sam's stepdaughter is actually Cristiano's half sister. That was one of the reasons he played Sam's husband till he had nothing left to give. He knew that if he got hold of Sam he would get hold of his half sister. The fact that he was extremely attracted to Sam helped to seal the deal.

Sam is an innocent even though she has been married twice and about to get married again to Cristiano. Her first husband died on their wedding day and well she only married her second husband to protect his daughter.

Once I got into this it was a hard book to put down. Lots of little turns, but it was also about the growth of our heroine.

Book 20 - Billionaire's Proposition by Leanne Banks - Book 1 The Elliots Dynasty Series (Desire)

OH MY GOODNESS. This book was ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL. I started it on the Bus in the morning and finished it on the bus on the way home. This book flowed and flowed. I turned page after page and was so engrossed in the story I didn't realise just how quickly I was reading.

Gannon and Erika work together and have a past relationship, but he chose to end the relationship because there where whispers around the office of just how much time they were spending together. Now a year later he wants Erika back on his team at his magazine. He lures her back and at the same time the passion between them once again arose.

Still the same problem abounds, Gannon doesn't want the whole office to know of their relationship. Erika has been there done that once and doesn't want to go there again. In the end he decides they need a 'break' and she moves back to the other magazine she was working on.

Oh and Erika wants a baby and decided Gannon would be the ideal father. In the end Gannon makes a public declaration of his love towards her.

Can't wait to read the next instalment of this series!



  • At 12:05 pm , Blogger Nicole Reising said...

    Oh sure Nicki! I go away for just a couple of days and you BLOG! :-) I'm so excited for you and your contest! Good luck!

    Thanks for the reviews and 30 BOOKS?!! Wow! I've read a few since your last posting but not that many by far. I just starting keeping track a few days ago on my blog of how many I've read for the year from that starting date. Should be interesting as I have no idea.

    Have a great one!

  • At 6:55 pm , Blogger Just Nicki said...

    Hi Cole

    I noticed your pretty blog and the tracker you have. I'm not sure I can be that clever. One day I'll sit down and try and work it out. LOL

    I saw you went away for a little break. Hope you had a good time.

    I was thinking of doing blogs in advance and then post them but I don't think it would work date wise. LOL



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