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16 March 2006

Book Challenge - Books 21-23

Okay slowly catching up on my blogs. The problem is if I don't blog straightaway about the books I kind of forget what they are all about. LOL

Anyway here we go

Book 21 - Flawless by Michelle Hauf - Bombshell/SIM (Aust)

This is the second book in the "IT Girl" Series. The series is basically about wealthy young women who are actually secret agents. Sort of like Paris Hilton meets Charlies Angels. This story is about Becca. She is a gem specialist and must track down some missing diamonds. She also has to work with MI-6 Agent Dane Ashton. These two spark off each other from the beginning. Dane has a secret agenda and at the end of the story I was still not sure if he worked for the good guys or the bad guys or he was just out to settle an old score.

It was a pretty good read but I'm finding with the Bombshells that I really am a romantic at heart so I do need a HEA and I sort of got it with this book. It only took me about a day and half to read it and there was plenty of action.

Book 22 - The High-Society Wife by Helen Bianchin Sexy/Presents

I have to say I do like Helen's books immensely. They are quick reads but they tend to be always the same. This is about Gianna and Franco. An arranged marriage, a joining of two children from families that started a corporation together. She loves him but is pretty sure he doesn't love her. Enter ex-lover from years ago. All of a sudden Gianna is unsure of Franco's feelings towards and this woman decides that she wants him back.

I really did enjoy the book but I just didn't Get it. Why after so many years does the ex-lover decide she wants Franco back? She basically tells Gianna that Franco will be hers and to just give him up. Of course Gianna gets more and more insecure and then accuses Franco of having an affair with the woman.

Most of the ex's always do a bit of stalking and at the end the hero always says that of course he loved her, he wouldn't have been interested in a marriage if he didn't. And the threat of a lawsuit usually sends the ex-lover scuttling away.

There was one book of Helen's that took a different twist to this theme and that was that our herione had a violent ex-husband who came back and gave her a bit of a touch up.

I'll continue to read Helen's books because as I said I do enjoy them but they are a bit predictable. I wouldn't mind seeing a change of theme from Helen but I don't see that happening.

Book 23 - For Revenge or Pleasure by Trish Morey Sexy/Presents

Now for a totally different theme how about a plastic surgeon as our heroine? That is what Jade is. An Aussie living in LA working at a well known cosmetic surgery. She does most of the laser surgery and has a good heart and great intentions for how she can improve the lives of young children born with birth marks. She is a bit naive about her business partner, Grace, but later in the book you understand why she is that way.

Our hero, Loukas, is hell bent on revenge and Jade is the perfect woman for that. He wants to find out the ins and outs of the surgery where she works because he wants to bring down Grace. I know this book will be released in the US in June 2006 and I highly recommend that you go out and get this book. You won't regret it.

Trish is a relatively new author but her writing is amazing. The depth that she went to in this book is brilliant. The sexual chemistry she created between Jade and Loukas is there from the very beginning.

She portrays Jade's shyness and naivety, towards Grace, beautifully and when the truth comes out you ache for Jade.

Loukas is ruthless in the beginning and when you see the reason why you feel sympathy for him. But you also see that he has a wonderful side when he is with Jade. They are both hiding secrets and both must travel individual paths to get to the end. Along the way they open up and expose themselves to each other.

A must read this one.

Okay getting there slowly. Thanks for taking the time to read this everyone who does.



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