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21 February 2006

Books 12-14

Book 12 - Give Me Fever by Karen Anders - Blaze

This is the first book that was born from the Red Letter Nights anthology. It involves Tally and Christien.

Tally is a descendant of the man, Gabriel, who built the apartment complex where most of our characters live. In fact it is reported that Gabriel haunts the court. Which is proven true in this story.

Gabriel has been cursed to spend his life stuck in the court unless he can break his curse. Getting Tally to fall in love and choose love before ambition is the first step.

Christien is the brother of the H of the second story of the anthology. A man who has a complex past.

Tally's brother has gone missing and she hires the services of Christien who is a PI to find him. The sexual tension between the two is strong and some of their scenes together are quite steamy.

I really enjoyed the Ghost aspect of the story. Wanted to see him more and more and it will look like he will appear again in Tally's twin sister's story, Bree, which is the last one in the series.

Hopefully in the last story we will get to see all characters from the previous books.

Book 13 - Prince's Passion by Carole Mortimer - Sexy/Harlequin Presents

This is another book in a series and actually follows on from a series that Carole wrote in the late 90's. I've been waiting for these books for ages. LOL

This is Nik's story, the oldest of the Prince Brothers. Their youngest sister Stazy married Jordan Hunter who starred in the "Bachelor Brothers" series.

Nik is an multi Oscar winner as a director and maybe as an actor, not really elaborated on here. Nik is chasing the rights to make a movie on a best seller novel. The author is being very obstinate and not budging. In fact the publishers haven't even met the author.

Using his charms he finds out an address of a post box and has it watched by a man. Through connections with his sister he manages to meet the owner of the box, our herione Julia. Julia is hiding the true writer of the book for personal reasons, which when you find out about you can understand her desire to keep things quiet. But having said that, she was a bit naive about certain aspects.

I really enjoyed this book and enjoyed seeing Nik fall. Julia is a great character for him and doesn't make life easy for him at all.

A great read all round.

Book 14 - Bought: One Bride by Miranda Lee Sexy/Harlequin Presents

Yet another series. The last few of my books have been series which are great. I love series, but I'm thinking I might have to search out the next two for this series and the two for the Carole Mortimer series, not sure my sister got them in her subscription.

Our H, Richard, decides that he has been wallowing in his grief/anger/hate for his deceased wife and wants to find a wife. But he doesn't want to date so he approaches a good friend of his who went to an agency and 'bought' for a better term, a wife.

Our heroine is a florist and good friends with the Richard's mum, although they've never met. When she decides to deliver some forgotten flowers to his mother, they meet up. He decides there and then that Holly is the wife he wants.

He sets about pursuing her, but Holly is a romantic and wants a marriage of love, not one which Richard describes. That is until her stepmother advises that her deceased's father's flower shop is sold and the owner wants vacant possession. Our Richard has bought the shop in a hope that somehow Holly would turn to him. She does and in her shattered state begs Richard to buy the shop for her and in turn she'll marry him.

This is another great read, I read this book in a day I enjoyed it that much.

I've just realised that I tend to give away the whole plot sometimes with my reviews here so I'm not going to do that anymore. LOL

Until next time, happy reading.



  • At 2:59 pm , Blogger Nicole Reising said...

    Giving away the whole story? I guess in retrospect you have but it didn't seem to bother me. :-)

    I like series - mostly though only if its all written by the same author. I've been disapointed when its a series of six - and I'm anticipating the next one after reading the first who's writing I really enjoyed - but then the next... well, it wasn't as good and I wished it had been written by the other author. Once I did find in the sixth book a great author. So maybe it is a good way to meet new authors.



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