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12 March 2006

Taken the Plunge

Well I did it. I finally did something to get on the road to being a serious writer. No it wasn't submission, I'm aiming for before the end of May for that one. But I entered a competition. Yay Me! (self praise never goes astray)

So it was the Query Letter & Synopsis competition run by the
Romance Writers of Australia organisation (ooh yay me again I did a link).

Both these things are important to nail to make sure your MS gets a read. If I don't get further than the first round, that's okay, hopefully I'll get some good comments. If I get bad ones I'll just ignore them. LOL

I think the most important thing for me was to actually follow through. I thought about entering this competition a couple of years ago but didn't do anything. So, thanks to my new writing group I've joined, I took the plunge.

It really made me get excited about my story again. I've really edited down my first chapter and have got some feedback on that. Now to make changes to that and continue with my editting of chapter 2.

The secret for me is to keep the momentum going. I need to make sure I make time and JUST DO IT! I'm forever making excuses. So now I'm going to endeavour to write each night and if I can squeeze some in, at work. It's a matter of getting myself time organised, kids in bed, lunches made, dishes sorted out. Then I'll write. I may only write for half an hour or I may write for longer but if I'm doing something every day then its a good thing. Some nights might be editting other nights might be new MS.

So now that I've said it out in cyber land I'd better make sure I do it. Hmm if I was a bit more savvy I should have a side bar on my blog showing my progress. That can be for another day.

I'm now no longer a contest virgin.



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