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28 February 2006

Books 15-17 of Challenge

Still ticking along nicely at the moment. This catching the bus each morning is working out really well with giving me lots of time to read. It's actually really good because it means I really get into the book whereas before I might have gone, nope not for me and put it down. Wonder how many good books I've missed doing that. But I'm also still buying new books which I need to stop doing. LOL Need to wait for the ones my sister reads.

Book 15 - Bedding His Virgin Mistress - by Penny Jordan

Another first book in a series. I also have the second which I haven't read but looks like the 3rd hasn't been released here in Australia. Most frustrating that. Will have to find it on Amazon I think. Hmm just found it was released in the Christmas pack here in Australia. Dang 2nd hand book shops here I come.

Anyway this is about Carly and Riccardo. Carly works for a party organising company and Riccardo is a self made millionaire interested in purchasing the business. Now Riccardo has received some words about Carly, suggesting she is a gold digger and rather 'loose'. However, by the title you can see that she hasn't slept with anyone.

It's been a while since I read a Penny Jordan book and I have to admit I rather enjoyed it. Both Riccardo and Carly had issues that had to be sorted out and the issues were solved very nicely. Now onto read books 2 and 3 (since I started this post I've found the last book in the series and read the 2nd one, while I comment on down the track).

Book 16 - The Rich Stranger by Bronwyn Jamieson

This is her second book in her "Princes of the Outback" Series. I have to say I loved this book. I really enjoyed the sassy herione, Cat and our sexier, charming rogue hero, Rafe. The dialogue between these two characters was just brilliant. I really really enjoyed their verbal sparring.

Cat was a tough heroine, in that she managed a cattle station by herself. She knew how to look after herself and if it was me in the outback I'm not sure how I'd cope.

Rafe literally falls out of the sky. His plane had to land on her ungraded strip and it wasn't a pretty landing but he made it down safely.

Rafe's growth from a carefree playboy to a man prepared to give his heart to one woman was handled beautifully. I truly can't wait to read the third book in this series. The hero Alex is probably going to be the most intense of all the brothers. And I don't have long to wait until I can buy it.

Book 17 - Goes Down Easy - By Alison Kent

This is the second book in the Red Letter Nights series. My husband thought the title was very interesting. LOL

This book is about Jack and Perry and a side story about Perry's psychic aunt. Jack is a PI and is an ex-special ops marine. You know he has seen something pretty bad. It's hinted there quiet early on. Perry's main job is looking after her aunt's shop and her aunt after she has had a 'vision'.

Jack is chasing down a missing man and Perry's aunt "sees" him. The connection is there in the beginning between Jack and Perry. Perry makes Jack feel again and he isn't sure that is what he wants. Jack makes Perry feel again as well and after spending most of her time focusing on her aunt she's not sure how to handle this attraction.

Jack's mysterious past comes out after Perry's aunt (for the life of me can't remember her name although I'm thinking Violet and I know that's not right. LOL forgive me Alison) gives him a reading.

The thing I discovered later on in the book is that Jack was involved in an ensemble in High School. Randy, who appeared in the anthology "Red Letter Nights" was also in the ensemble. So to was Quentin who made his appearance in the "Hush" hotel series also by Blaze. So I've read about most of the people in the ensemble. Jack was the last one. Now I will have to check out Amazon to get the first book. I love it when I stumble across a series. LOL

As you can see this blog was all about mini series'.



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