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19 February 2006

Books 9 - 11 of Challenge

Well I'm doing pretty good so far with my reading. I've managed to read 17 books since the beginning of the year. I had a great week last week, reading nearly a book a day then the weekend hit. LOL

Anyway here we go.

Book 9 - The Rugged Loner by Bronwyn Jameson - Desire

This is the first book in her "Princes of the Outback" Series. Now it was released in the US in the latter part of the year. Around, September, October & November (I think). This book is about the youngest of 3 boys and in fact the 'natural' son of the father who dies. His other two sons are from his wife's first marriage. Confused?

Okay a bit of background. The story starts off with the father having just been diagnosed with an agressive cancer and he changes his will, in effect saying that a grandchild has to be produced within 12 months. The lawyer questioned that each son is included. Tomas the youngest has lost a wife to a plane crash. He has basically been living with his grief for the last 2 years. So his father decided he had to start living so that is why all sons were included.

Angie is a friend of all the brothers. Her father was the family chef so she and her two brothers grew up with the Carlisle boys. She has always had a thing for Tomas and it was a friend of hers that Tomas married. She told him before the wedding that marrying Brooke would be a bad idea, she couldn't cope with the outback. That proved to be true. Angie couldn't face the wedding so set off on a 2 year trip around Europe, only returning just prior to the funeral.

She volunteered to help Tomas fulfil the terms of the Will as all brothers agreed "One in All In". Initially he was reluctant but gradually warmed to the idea. Only his idea was for IVF whereas Angie was natural method the whole way. In the end Angie won and Tomas finally started to live again.

It was an excellent read and again flowed well. Really really enjoy Bron's writing style and am looking forward to reading the next instalment as the glimpses of Rafe were tantalising. I've read Rafe's story now but its a bit further down the list for me to comment on.

Book 10 - Boss Man by Diana Palmer - Desire

The downside with the Desire line here in Australia is they are released in a duo format. So you buy it for one book and get another thrown in. Sometimes that can work out to be a bonus other times not so lucky. I admit 9 times out of 10 I usually don't read the second story. But this time I thought I would. I'd heard people commenting that Diana Palmer was a must read for them.

This is the classic example of what suits one reader may not suit another. I don't think I'll be using my money to buy any of Diana's books again and no disrespect to the author either.

I found the dialogue stilted. Felt like I was back in the late 70's. Calling the H "Mr Kemp" throughout the book and then later on as "Boss man". This was usually between discussions with the h and her mother.

I'm really not going to go much into it because I really didn't enjoy it. I made myself suffer through it thinking surely it has to get better than this. Even now I cringe at some of the dialogue that was spoken.

But most of all can someone please explain to me what on earth an Ankle Length Long Sleeve Cardigan which you have to wear a blouse under, looks like????


This is a 2004 release I think, I don't have the book here to check. Anyway it was a reunion story and a very sweet one at that.

Sam and Amy were married quite young. Sam had an idea that he wanted a marriage just like his parents. His father basically told his mother what to do. He thought it was an ideal arrangement of course Amy didn't agree and left him. His ideal was shattered when his parents divorced a while after he split from Amy.

He has made it big with a fast food franchise and Amy went and joined a ballet company but an injury forced her to return back to her home town after a 12 year absence to start her dance school.

She has been back a year and they had failed to meet up, until he has to take his niece to her dance lessons.

Anyway most of the parents of the students of Amy's dance school conspire to get Amy and Sam back together.

Both have grown up and changed and realise that their hearts belong to each other.

We don't get American Romance released here in Australia so it made a nice change to read.

Only another 6 books to comment on and then I'm up to date.



  • At 8:11 am , Blogger Nicole Reising said...

    I've read your first author before and I too enjoyed her.

    On the second - I feel for you. I've done the same. Actually am doing it right now for my kids. We're reading the ever so popular Narnian books. My sister's copy from when we were kids. It's pure toture! The basic story is great or rather its premise. I even liked the movies old and the new one that just came out. But he's not in my opinion a 'great writer'. He waxes on and on and on and its quite boring. Did I say torture! We want to know what happens though so we keep reading. I've even gone to the point of skimming ahead so that I can paraphrase what I say to the kids to make it more interesting to listen to. :-( Ah well. I suppose its just that I don't care for his type of writing. I do like the story idea, just not his writing.

    Your third story sounds interesting to me - I don't read that particular line very often but... "shrug" its sounds good.

    Have fun reading! Cole


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