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31 March 2006


You know its a real challenge to try and keep on top of things. Me I've got a husband to love, two beautiful kids to nurture, a house to maintain and fulltime work as well. Something has got to give and generally its the house. Well for me it was. Yes that's right was.

A friend told me about this website Flylady

This site is my new best friend. LOL I've been "Flying" for a week. My sink is shining, the main living area of my home is looking the best its looked in a long time. I'm only on day 8 and am taking each day at a time. Following their baby steps.

I like their adage of "You are not behind! I don't want you to try and catch up; I just want you to jump where we are. O.K.?"

Last Friday, before I started Flying, I would look at my house and think "where will I start". Well I started with the sink and on Sunday I ironed in 15 minute bursts. That was the best, I got the basket of ironing done and other things as well.

Wednesday night I set my oven timer for 5 minutes and did a quick pick up around the family/dining area. Thursday night my daughter comes home and walks into the family/dining area and says "Wow mum, its nice and tidy" . I admit I felt 10 feet tall then. LOL

Just a simple thing, but for me it was big. The great thing about it is, DH has got on board too and cleans up the kitchen after himself whereas before he didn't.

Some of the things they have listed on their site I did anyway but I admit I feel in control of my home situation and I haven't felt like that for a very long time.

I like "flying".



  • At 11:48 am , Blogger Jenne said...

    Way to go Nicki!

    I was just lamenting to dh the other day that I just can't keep on top of the house with everything else... and I only work part time, and I only have one kid, sometimes it feels like two... but that's just dh. :)

    I tried flylady... I decided keeping my sink shinny was not my cuppa... it seemed like a waste, when I would much rather keep my toliets shiny. Also, I felt drowned in email! I spent more time keeping up with the email messages than anything else!

    I'm *so* glad it's working for you though. I'm really proud of you! :)

    However, I *don't* suffer from CHAOS...I consider my housekeeping a ministry... women who come to visit can feel better about themselves and their housekeeping, because my house is such a dive. :)

  • At 2:45 pm , Blogger Nicole Reising said...

    Enjoy the feeling, Nicki!

    On the other more 'serious' post you did, I just wanted to say that at least for me - you are welcome to have your own opinion and that I hope in my voicing my own, I didn't contribute to your low feeling.

    We all have our own way of looking at things. Doesn't mean your wrong -- though I might argue you are :-) it just truly means we have a different way of looking at things.

    But 'seriously', I hope that what I said didn't bother you. I didn't even want to post on it but since it was there for quite some time(due to life I'm sure) I finally decided I just 'had' to say something. :-) I hope you understand.

    Enjoy getting organized. I'm putting it off until I get organizied :-)


  • At 5:41 pm , Blogger Just Nicki said...

    With the time differences I find the reminder emails not that useful so they get an immediate deletion. I only read a few of the testimonials. I choose what I want to read and what I don't.

    I admit with the shiny sink I just wipe it down and leave it at that. Being fairly new sink it wasn't that dull. LOL

    What works for one doesn't mean it'll work for others.

  • At 5:59 pm , Blogger Becky said...

    Hi Nicki

    That site is hilarious....just what I need to straighten out my chaotic life!!

    Thanks for posting it.

  • At 6:53 pm , Blogger Karen Erickson said...

    Thanks for sharing flylady. I like the suggestions cos I feel like my house is in a constant state of messiness.

    What I'd love is a maid to come in and clean up my mess but I guess I'll have to dream about that, right???


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