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19 March 2006

Commonwealth Games

So currently taking place in Australia is the Commonwealth Games. You could say its the watered down version of the Olympic Games. It is just countries of the Commonwealth competing and in most cases Australia is always at the top of the medal table.

I admit this time I didn't think too much about it but now its started I can't help but become very patriotic which is very hard when I live with a New Zealander (DH). The rivalry between AUS and NZ is rather large and both of us are very patriotic. LOL

This year we've had two of our swimmers pull out due to illness. Now these two competitors are currently Olympic Champions, Grant Hackett (1500m) and Ian Thorpe (200m 400m). I can say that on the first day of competition we struggled in the pool. The absence of these two men were telling but then yesterday (Saturday) we had an awesome day.

The thing is when I watch the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games I get really choked up when I see a competitor winning be it either from Australia or another country, but more with Australian competitors. The Australian weightlifter than won the gold medal last night was so emotional, crying when he was presented with the medal. Here I am sitting on the couch choking back the tears.

I remember watching the Athens games. Zane was just a few weeks old and was feeding during the night so I would turn the tv on a watch the games. Saw our hockey team win the gold medal. That was amazing because it was extra time and we have been waiting so long to win that gold medal.

I have no idea what it is about the Olympics etc but there is just an emotion there that just gets you right in the guts and I know I'm forever swallowing back the tears.

Hmm then again sometimes TV adverts make me cry. Guess I'm a bit of a sap. LOL




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