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19 March 2006

Will it Ever End?

So I heard on the radio news today that its the 3 year anniversary of the war in Iraq. Apparently there is still a need for allied forces to be there to stop terrorists entering and causing another attack. I'm pretty sure that is what George Bush said. But he certainly doesn't appear to want to let control of Iraq go.

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the main culprit for the September 11 attacks Osama Bin Laden and isn't he in Afganistan somewhere?

I only caught a bit of Farenheit 911 and I must make an effort to see it all but it really made me think. What if it's true? What is the relationship between the Bin Laden's and the Bushes?

I was always amazed at how the fight moved from Bin Laden to the need to get Saddam Hussain. Was George Bush Jnr trying to finish what his father started back in the early 1990's? A lot of other nations got pulled into the Iraq war, Australia included. And what of Bin Laden? Is he really dead or is he still floating around somewhere. Granted Saddam was evil to his people but he certainly didn't mount a strike as devasting to another nation as September 11 was.

I guess we'll never find out the truth. I just hope that it all ends soon and I know there will never be world peace but its nice to hope sometimes.

It's a bit scary that I'm blogging something that borders on serious ;-)



  • At 9:57 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yep Baby Bush Is finishing up for Daddy Bush

  • At 11:22 pm , Blogger Rae said...

    Thanks Nicki for stating your opinion.

    Though I thought that the dicudrama was about the Bush connections to the Saudi Royal Family and their connections to Bin Ladin ... but since I haven't seen the film I should not stick my nose in! LOL


  • At 7:16 pm , Blogger Jenne said...

    Hi Nicki... I'm procrastinating at work... so forgive me if I make this less detailed than is best. Anyway. There are many reasons for the US going into Iraq, I'll name a few, in no particular order.

    (1)Bill Clinton instituted "Regime Change" as the US goal in Iraq, long before GWB was elected.

    (2)It is now generally accepted that Saddam was bluffing about WMDs... but he kicked UN weapons inspectors out, refusing continued inspections, the purpose of which was to keep Iraq from becoming (again) an international threat. The US and other nations inferred from this action that he had something to hide--turns out he did, it was the lack of WMDs I suspect he wanted kept secret, but there was no way to tell at the time. He was obstructing the process designed to determine the truth of the matter.

    (3) The above action put him in contempt of UN statutes against Iraq--punishable by a renewal of hostilities which were suspended way back when the US originally fought Iraqi forces (regaining control of Kuwait for Kuwaitis after Kuwait was illegally invaded by Iraq, you'll recall.) Unfortunately, the UN was stymied in its ability and will to enforce its own laws, due to corruption. Powerful people, none of them American, benefited from the situation in Iraq remaining as it was. Google (or otherwise investigate) the Oil for Food scandal--I would love to give more details, but they simply don't come to mind at the moment, and I haven't the time... Google will fill in the blanks.

    (4) Saddam had issued statements indicating he would--if he could--destroy America.

    (5) His past behavior (read: BRUTAL, HORRIFIC, INHUMAN) treatment of his own people put him in violation of probably every human-rights law on UN books. Not to mention what we in the West consider inalienable rights of all humanity.

    (6) His past behavior toward Kuwait, his stated intentions toward Iran and other neighboring countries, implied that he was willing to attack sovereign countries.

    (7) After 9/11, many (dare I say most--at the time anyway) Americans felt the best defense against another 9/11--or something even worse--was a good offense. If we waited to "know without a doubt" that Saddam had WMDs and was planning on using them, it would likely be too late, just as it was too late when we finally knew just what the 9/11 hijackers' intentions were.

    Among others, these reasons I've listed added up to Iraq looking like an imminent threat to American security. Given the information we had, I believe this was the best choice. Now that we're there, "hindsight is 20/20," and people have lost patience with what seems like a losing battle. We aren't losing though. Leaving would be the worst possible course of action, because the news reports never let us forget that things aren't stable there. Pulling out would create a worse situation than when Saddam was in power.

    My personal opinion is that the biggest mistake GWB has made with regards to this war is with propaganda--he's letting his enemies write the stories. People who benefit most from American's losing lives, and repeated stories of unrest in Iraq. Of course everyone thinks we went to war needlessly and that we are only making things worse... that's all we're being told, most the time.

    Three years is a very short war. History is filled with examples of conflicts lasting a great deal longer than this one--that's the norm, in fact. We only grow impatient because our lives move at such a fast pace these days. That and the constant news coverage. Will it ever end? Yeah. Someday it will. God willing, it will end with Peace, rather than a yellow-bellied pull-out because of "international pressure." I hope America's next president will be as dedicated to preserving American security and attaining Iraqi peace and liberty as this one is.

    Thanks for opening this discussion up, Nicki! :)


  • At 3:57 pm , Blogger Nicole Reising said...

    Ugg! Nicki I hate politics! Mainly because I have very strong opinioins and they aren't always the popular ones. I don't mean to imply that I shy away from taking a stand, quite the contrary but I do attempt to talk about other things in an attempt to avoid alienating others.

    I've avoided your blog for days for this reason. But your not adding and letting me talk about anything else so... :-) You asked for it!!!!

    Just kidding - I won't say much. I happen to agree with Jenne. And for the most part am sick and tired of hearing the reporters talking nonstop about how we should have done this or we shouldn't be doing this. Hello!! If we all could have seen into the future 9/11 wouldn't have happened. Hind sight is always *clear*. And I for one believe the individual soldier's reports that the *people* are happy we're there to help them. I also feel that we'd be letting them down if we left now. Nothing like letting the big bad bully back into control. Just like on a school ground(take it back to the basics). The teacher stops the bully and deciplines and then walks away. What happens then? Do you think the *bully* suddenly has a turn of heart? Does he suddenly leave those who do not fight alone? NO. He doesn't. I wish to high heaven he did. But let's face the truth - we all know he's not going to. And that is a truth known the world around. No matter what culture, no matter what religion, no matter what race. If you look at the kids you see these actions echoed before we become adults...and you know what is going to happen.

    Now do me a favor, cause I really, really like reading your posts and hearing about your spot in the world - no more POLITICS!!!! :-)

    Of course I'm just one person's opinion on that and maybe others like it. :-)

    Have a great day!



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