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14 February 2006

Back to the Book Challenge

Okay so I've been reading up a storm lately. In fact with the change in our circumstances I have a long morning bus trip so I get to read for longer, WOOHOO! LOL

Anyway here we go

Book 6 - At the Italian's Command by Cathy Williams

I won't say it kept me riveted to my chair with a need to read until I finished, but it wasn't one I gave up on either. Actually so far I've managed to keep reading all the books I've started this year. Although I might put it down and read something else I have been going back. But I digress.

This could be classed as a sort of reunion story. The h (Sophie) and H's (Rafeal) mothers know each other. Sophie has started a job with a magazine but the magazine isn't making too much money so she really needs a great interview to help it along. So both mothers were talking and it was decided that Sophie would follow Rafe for 2 weeks to get a look at the man behind the business.

Rafe is far from impressed with his mother's interference, she of course would like to see him settled down and married to a good woman. His last impression of Sophie was as a young girl who had no dress sense and a girl who had a bit of a crush on him.

Sophie isn't impressed either and she is older now and determined that she doesn't feel anything for him. Although her fashion style has improved marginally since she last saw Rafe, but she still doesn't spend a fortune on clothes.

Anyway they spend time together and obviously the close proximity means that the attraction Sophie thought dead and Rafe didn't realise existed ignites and they start an affair.

This affair continues after the article is finished and then Sophie works out she is pregnant. She is very up front and tells him and he is all "lets get married". Of course there was the whole don't marry me just for the baby but it did finish nicely.

Book 7 - Third Sight by Suzanne McMinn

This is a SIM and the second in her "Pax League" series. What a brilliant read. I read it in just over a day and that included going to work! The book flowed and I found I was turning page after page and not really realising that one minute I was on page 20 then next page 70. That is how well the writing and story flowed.

Nina (h) and Riley (H) have a past, they broke up over a year ago after Riley had suffered a car accident. Nina is assaulted at her place of work and instinctively calls Riley. He is a policeman who would be dead if it wasn't for the Pax League. The put a chip inside his head which enabled him to 'see' evil.

Nina is an anthropologist who discovered some ancient tablets. When the tablets are put together a great evil is unleashed. There was some press recently suggesting that it was all a big fraud and the tablets were fake. Of course they had been stolen when Nina was assulted.

Riley feels the evil the moment he walks into the room. But the journey begins. The first journey is finding their way back to each other and the second is getting the tablets back as it seems they have fallen into terrorists hands.

Its a brilliant read and one I truly recommend. As I said I couldn't put it down. It had action, mystery and romance.

With books like this I fail to see why people still continue to disparage the romance genre.

Book 8 - Red Letter Nights by Alison Kent, Karen Anders & Jeanie London

An anthology of Blaze stories, do I class it as one book or three. Guess seeing as it all came in one book it should be just one. LOl

Based in New Orleans around an apartment complex, complete with a ghost which we see feature in one of the books that was born from this anthology.

Each read was fast paced, obviously sexy and steamy.

Sometimes I just like a good Blaze and looking at my TBR pile I'm seeing a few more of them. Once I start reading a story that is part of a mini-series I have to read them all. In fact the second book born from this Anthology was in a Blaze pack released in Australia. In that pack is the first book of the White Star mini series so I can see myself purchasing Blazes over the next couple of months.

I like the appeal of an anthology. Quick, exciting reads but still a great story.

I recall an anthology a couple of years ago that had a Michelle Reid book in it. My goodness the emotion and action and romance she packed into that story was excellent. Might have to give myself a treat and dig it out and re-read it.



  • At 7:34 am , Blogger Nicole Reising said...

    Hi Nicki!

    I read a book two nights ago like your second read. I couldn't put it down and couldn't believe how easy a read it was. And it wasn't a short or rather category. Oh and when I say easy I don't mean preschool words but extremly well put together. It is the first I've ever read of this particular author but I'm definitely going to pick up some more of hers. I looked at her site yesterday and apparently she writes all kinds - not just vampire ones which this one is about. If you want to go to my blog - I have the link set up in my blog on the side along with the book. But having said all that my point was thanks for sharing - now I want to pick up the one you read!!! :-)

  • At 1:06 pm , Blogger Kat said...

    OO, now I wanna read that Suzanne McMinn book!

    I miss reading *sniff*


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