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04 February 2006

Book Challenge Books 3 - 5

So this time I'm just going to do a brief overview of a few more of the books I've read recently. Unless there is one or two that I will have to elaborate on.

Book 3 - Virgin for Sale by Susan Stephens

Well this is the first book in the new 'Uncut' series of Presents. When I started reading it I didn't think it was much different to the other Presents. All that I noticed was that the heroine, even though she was a virgin, she was quite open with the fact that she pleasured herself. That is to the reader. Anyway the gist of the story is the heroine is a CEO of her father's engineering company and the hero is a Greek billionaire looking at buying one of the smaller branches of the h's company.

Both have dubious backgrounds, she was bought up in a commune and it starts with her escaping that place. He was an orphan bought up in an orphanage.

I'm not a huge Susan Stephens reader but this one did flow okay with me.

The "Uncut" part of it was the willingness to delve deeper into the sexual side of the story. The h got turned on by the idea of a spanking from the H. So when it came to their first time, there was a bit of spanking. Not sure how to take that one. LOL

But I will look forward to reading more "Uncuts" when they get released downunder.

Book 4 - Winning Back his Wife by Barbara McMahon.

Released in Australia as a "Sweet" but is a Harlequin Romance. Now I believe the title is all wrong. Not once, until right at the end, does the H think of winning his wife back. Heroine works for uncle's advertising company and the account she is working on happens to be the advertising campaign for her ex-husbands camping/hiking equipment store. Although she doesn't know it at the time. Basically the highest 5 companies bidding for the advertising account go on a 5 day hiking trip. She hasn't ever hiked and goes to the store to buy her equipment. That is where she sees the picture of her ex-husband.

The married in college but she left him because her parents had a car accident. Father died and mother was left wheel chair bound. She thought she was doing the right thing by leaving him. Anyway he is rather shocked to see her on the trip, he wasn't supposed to go but his marketing manager broke his leg and couldn't continue.

No one knows they have a past, except one guy suspects and when he says a light hearted banter between them guesses that they were once involved. She manages to keep up with the crew as they hike. This is where the title is a bit wrong. She realises early on that she still loves him and starts to think about trying to win him back. Problem is her mother. Her mother is totally reliant on her, perhaps a bit too much. Playing on her daughters good side.

So a near death accident by the h makes her realise that she really does want him back. He rebukes her declaration of love after the trip is completed.

She returns home bruised and sorry but determined to try and get her man. But he has also realised that she is important to him and he still loves her. Hence he moves the company to where she lives and they get a bigger house all to live in.

Book 5 - The Millionaire's Secret Mistress by Kathryn Ross

Another Presents novel. Quite a good read actually. The H and h see each other at her work. Her comapny has just been taken over by the H's company although she doesn't know that. She thinks he is just a representative from the company.

She has agreed to go on a speed dating night with her friend. The H happens to see her in the lobby and is curious as to why she is there. Incidentially the night is held at one of the hotels he owns.

So even though he isnt involved in the speed dating they hook up and end up spending the night at her place. Monday she is all business and not wanting to take their relationship any further. She still has no idea that he is the boss and when it does come out she is less than happy about it.

He offers her a job to work in their Barbados office overseeing the merger of the two companies. She reluctantly agrees and once there they once again share a bed. Its on the 2nd night on the boat that she works out she might be pregnant.

Like a typical h she decides that she will save the H any feelings of obligation and leave him. He follows her and she annouces that she is pregnant. He declares that he does want a family and proposes and declares his love.

I dont mind this author's books.

Back soon with more.



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    Hi Nicki!

    I thought after all that on Harelquin I'd had better try this out! :) Hope that your having a great day! Cole


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