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07 July 2006

Book Challenge - Books 51 - 53

Okay back again. This next lot of books are a series. Hope you enjoy my little ramblings.

Book 51 – A Touch of Paradise by Patricia Thayer – Sweet/Silhouette Romance

This is the first book in her “Goodtime Café Series”. It revolves around Nate and Tori.

Tori is an heiress from San Francisco running from her wedding which she found out was arranged by her father. Nate is the local Sheriff and finds Tori asleep in her car after it had broken down. Both find themselves drawn to each other.

Nate is hoping to buy back his family’s ranch which was lost when his father dies. Tori is trying to come to terms with her life and find her way. Both find their way into each others arms.

Tori’s father arrives in town and immediately demands his daughter return home. He then turns up to the auction and drives the price of the ranch higher. Tori agrees to return to her father if he will not bid against Nate anymore. Nate gets his ranch but at the price of his relationship to Tori.

Nate is also a talented wood whittler and Tori has sent some of his sculptures off. They are a success but in the end after a couple of people talking to him Nate drives Tori’s car to San Francisco to get her back. Tori at the same time is arranging her life so that she can go back to Nate.

A really sweet story and amazingly I read it in one day!

Book 52 – Familiar Adversaries – Patricia Thayer – Sweet/Silhouette Romance

So this is the second book in Patricia’s series. In the first book there was mention of this family who had given the Hunter’s a really hard time. I thought that someone from that family had to get it together with the Hunter’s. And I was right!

This book is about Shane, Nate’s brother and Mariah Easton. Mariah and Shane had a brief relationship back in high school but because of the ‘feud’ between Mariah’s father and the Hunter family they had to sneak around.

Mariah is now back as the ‘Project Manager’ on Shane’s construction project. Having to share an office causes their passion for each other to re-ignite. They head off to Vegas to bid on another construction deal and end up getting married.

Mariah wants to keep it quiet because of her father and Shane isn’t happy. They spend the next two weeks apart and Mariah finds out she is pregnant. Also there has been acts of vandalism on the construction site. It turns out it is Mariah’s brother and some friends committing the acts. It seems he is intent on keeping the feud going.

In the end Mariah stands up to her father and the news of their marriage comes out. Shane attempts to make amends with the family and in the epilogue we see that Kurt has made a move to put the feud behind them.

Book 53 – Lights, Action …. Family by Patricia Thayer – Sweet/Silhouette Romance

Okay so this is the third book. I ended up saving the books so I could read them all in one go. This book is about Emily the final Hunter sibling. She has written a film script on the family history taken from her great grandfather’s journals. The script has been bought and is going to be made into a movie.

Enter Reece, the stunt man for the movie. He has also just been given custody of his niece as her mother has died. Sophie is quiet and shy but she comes out of her shell when she meets Emily. Also Reece is attracted to Emily.

The whole family features in this book which I think is nice we get to see the other characters and I love that when reading continuation books.

Reece doesn’t want to get involved with Emily because she is just starting out on her career to be a writer and he is retiring to get a ranch and stable home for Sophie.

The movie hits a problem when the main star hurts his shoulder and a backer pulls out. The town rallies around and the film gets the funding to continue.

After a scare with Sophie disappearing briefly Reece feels that he needs to move on before Sophie gets too much closer to Emily and her family.

Two weeks apart and both are miserable and in the end Reece buys a property nearby and will manage Nate’s ranch and Emily says she can write anywhere.

All in all this series was really sweet and enjoyable.



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