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27 June 2006

Book Challenge - Books 49-50

So it's been a long time since I blogged about the books I'm reading this year. Well its almost halfway through the year and I've read 72 books. Well the 72nd book isn't a Harelquin book but I'm still counting it because its a fabulous book.

So here its the next two books. My next three I read are all part of a series and I read them one after the other so I'll post them all in one post.

Looks like I have a few of these posts to do. Blog is going to be a bit boring for the next few. LOL

Book 49 – His Secretary Mistress by Chantelle Shaw – Modern/Presents/Sexy

This was Chantelle’s first book and I really enjoyed it. Jenna and Alex first meet each other in a rain storm. She is running late for her first day on a job and he is also running late. After speaking to his secretary he finds out the new assistant was late as well. See where this is heading? LOL

Anyway I’m not sure if it has been released yet in the US but I suggest you get it. It kind of harks back to the early 90’s Presents. Not saying our Alex is a brute just some themes I felt were reminiscent of those days.

I really did enjoy this book and shall look out for more of Chantelle’s releases.

Book 50 – Betrothed for the Baby by Kathie DeNosky – Desire

The final book in Kathie’s series. This is Hunter and Callie’s story. Although the back blurb says our heroine’s name is Cassie. Good typo there.

I really enjoyed this book as well. In fact I liked the whole series.

Hunter has been given a Medivac company to look after. He is a former helicopter pilot but after an accident that killed his fiancé and unborn child he hasn’t flown in years.

He arrives at this little town in the middle of Texas and finds Callie, his pregnant flight nurse. Of course his protective instincts kick in and he wants to ground her. She digs her heels in and says she is perfectly capable of flying.

The thing that annoyed me about this book is that Callie continuously baked when she was stressed. Making all sorts of cookies. It’s not really a big thing because it doesn’t affect the storyline at all just drove me crazy. LOL

Anyway the father of Callie’s baby comes to town and Hunter says they should get married to prevent him from getting his hands on the baby.

A near miss makes them both evaluate the trueness of their relationship.

Looks like there could be more to this series as well. Guess time will tell.

If you've read any of these books I'd love to hear what you thought of them.



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