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24 January 2006

Book Challenge - Book 1

Okay the second book I'm commenting on was actually the first book I read in the new year. In fact it was on New Years Day.

The book was The Disobedient Virgin by Sandra Marton

I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the word "Virgin" in titles but generally it won't stop me from reading the book, depends on what line the book is from.

This book was the third book in a triology with two other fantastic authors. Australian Author Emma Darcy and English Author Michelle Reid. Two of my favourite authors.

The gist of it the triology is, Enrique Ramirez dies. On his death 3 envelopes are despatched around the world to his sons. Sons he hasn't acknowledged in his lifetime. Each envelope advises the recipient of an inheritance, a task they must complete and the fact they have two other brothers. If they complete the task they will then meet their siblings.

Each hero was mightly annoyed at that request. Only one of them knew that Enrique was his father, the other two didn't.

First thing I would have done, would have been a google search to find out their names etc. Two of them were actually using the Ramirez name. All of them were wealthy so there would have been information about them on the net. The brother that wasn't using the name "Ramirez" could have located his to other siblings. The two using the "Ramirez" name would have only found each other.

Anyway back to Sandra's story. Jake's task is to take over the guardianship of a young woman. This girl has been in a convent school since she was about 12. Most of the girls leave the school when they turn 18. A requirement of her parents Will meant Catarina had to wait until she was 21 before she could leave.

On her 21st birthday she finds out another stipulation, that in order to receive a substantial inheritance she must marry a suitable Brazilian man. Jake's task is to find a suitable husband for his ward.

The two clash but the attraction between them can't be denied. Due to her naivety Cat drinks too much. Jake is considerably peeved at the man who plied her with the drinks, he takes her home and puts her to bed. She awakes feeling not the best and well soon he is holding her hair back and mopping her brow as she loses the contents of her stomach. He puts her in his bed and falls asleep next to her. Wakes up sometime before dawn and takes her big selling point to future husbands - her virginity.

In each of the stories our heroes are willing to forego meeting their brothers because they feel they have failed the task set out by Enrique and the woman they love is more important than meeting their brothers.

Of course they haven't failed the task and the meeting takes place. Not in the lawyers office, but in a bar they all decided to individually attend whilst waiting for the allotted time of the official meeting.

They had a good chat and discussed the man they didn't know but who had ultimately done good by letting each of them know of the other's existence.

I enjoyed the book and it was a great, quick read once I got the time to actually sit down and read in earnest.

Actually all three were great books and having three different authors from different countries gave this particular triology a uniqueness all its own.

Well worth digging up the books if you can find them.



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