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24 January 2006

Book Challenge - Book 2

On Eharlequin they are conducting a 100 book challenge. Read a 100 harlequin books in the year, comment on them as you read and get % vouchers. Well I would do it, unfortunately the vouchers would be useless for me.

So I'm going to post every now and then about the books that I've read over the past couple of weeks.

So in January I've read 4 so far, but I'm sure there is another one in there somewhere that I've missed remembering.

So the first book.

The Antonakos Marriage by Kate Walker

Classic Kate Walker this book. I enjoyed this book immensely. It took me a while to read it. I got caught up with other stuff so didn't have much reading time. If I had a couple of hours spare I'm sure I would have knocked over half the book in quick time.

A one night stand before moving onto a marriage of convenience/necessity for our herione, Skye. The thing is, the recipient of the one night stand, Theo or Anton as Skye knows him to be. Is none other than the estranged son of the man our herione has to marry.

Their first meeting is after their one night together is given to us from both pov's. Theo is totally thrilled to see her again as he wants to continue the affair. His first assumption is that she is the daughter of the woman his father is to marry.

Of course Skye is surprised to see him and she is the first to realise the situation they had got themselves into.

Consequently Theo is none to pleased to realise he spent a wonderful night with his stepmama to be.

He gives her 3 days to tell his father that they had spent the night together or he will.

The reason she has to marry his father (Cyril - I'm sure it's Cyril apologies to Kate if I mucked this up) is that her father took some money to pay for his wife's hospital bills. Hence Cyril is going to waive the debt so long as Skye marries him and supplies him with an heir.

It is then found out that Cyril's long time mistress, a village girl on the island where he lives, is pregnant with his child - no reason for Skye to marry him now, seeing as an heir is on the way.

Oh yes, Cyril has disinherited Theo because Theo refused to go through with an arranged marriage. The island Cyril lives on belongs to his deceased wife's family - Theo's mum.

Theo wants what he thinks is rightfully his - the island.

Consequently after finding out that the reason for the marriage isn't there anymore Skye confesses that she can't go through with the marriage because she wants Theo.

So that night they spend it together again. But come morning she still can't bring herself to give herself totally to Theo and must tell Cyril the truth about their affair and almost certainly send her father to jail for embezzlement and her mother to her grave because they can't afford the operation need to save her now.

Theo does come to the party after he has calmed down from her rejection yet again. Realises there must be more to the story and gets a waiver saying that his father will never press charges and Theo paid the money back.

He pretends to be the driver that is taking her to the helipad to return her to Athens. He hands her the waiver and they kiss and commit to each other.

I've just remembered the book that I'd thought I read - The Disobedient Virgin by Sandra Marton. I shall comment on that tomorrow.

SO I've read 5 books. Not bad for the 4th week of January. Need to read more if I'm to make the 100 books by the end of the year.



  • At 12:04 pm , Blogger Kat said...

    That was a Presents, right?

    *waving 'hi'*

  • At 9:43 pm , Blogger Just Nicki said...

    *waving hi* back

    Yep Kat it was a presents.

    I have a couple of desires and blaze and Sims in my collection of to be read.


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