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01 January 2006

Sick Kids & Animals

Ack it always happens on a long weekend. Your child or pet gets sick. Well we've been hit with a double whammy. LOL

First, Zane has a nasty cough and cold. Poor little man, too young to understand the concept of coughing up and spitting out. Gross I know but the truth. He was unhappy at about 12.30am until 1.30am when he finally let us get some children drugs into him. Then we all managed to get a good nights sleep until about 5.55am. Thankfully DH had decided not to go on a bike ride because he wouldn't settle down in my arms. Unusual isn't it, most kids want their mums when they are ill, not their dads. Actually Skylar only ever wants me when she wants to throw up. Nice I tell you. The one thing I have trouble coping with is vomit. LOL

Second, Scooter the cat is limping on three legs and I just know going to the vet is going to cost triple the amount it normally would only because it is a holiday weekend. Oh well, hopefully he isn't limping so much and nature is taking its course and he is healing well.

I was hoping for a better year with the kids health wise but, two days in and already one has a cold. Admittedly it is a carry on over from 2005. Maybe this will be it for a long time.

Hmmm is that a pig I see flying?



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