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22 November 2005

Speak of what you know and not what you don't

Many months ago I was discussing schooling with a friend as both our children would start kindergarten in 2006. In my ignorance I was commenting on another friend's choice of school for her son saying it was a very expensive choice and why would they spend that sort of money on kindergarten.

Fast forward to second week of November when we had a meeting with the local school about kindergarten next year.

One thing that had changed since my earlier conversation is that I'm working fulltime. At the time of the phone conversation if my daughter ended up going to school 4 1/2 days I could cope with that. Working fulltime 4 1/2 days is just a logistical nightmare.

Also by working fulltime I have both my kids in fulltime daycare and that is quite expensive.

I walked out of that school meeting dreading sending my daughter there. The teacher was awful and also they had decided 4 1/2 days would be better than 2 full days even though the parents wanted the 2 full day option.

So I decided to look at alternatives. And one of the alternatives was my old high school which is a private school so quite costly. Ironically the same school my friend was going to send her son too. Like me her circumstances had changed, quite dramatically in fact and consequently her son wouldn't be going to that school.

This is the thing, it is going to be cheaper for me to send my daughter to a private school for 5 full days of kindergarten than for her to go to the local school for 4 1/2 days and daycare 1 full day and 4 1/2 days.

So in my ignorance of things I've shot off at the mouth in my early telephone conversation without knowing all the facts. Now here I am feeling like a fool and wondering exactly what my friend thinks of me now after a telephone conversation today.

Well all I can say is that things change and that is the way of the world. And I'll be the first one to admit that I made a mistake of talking of things I didn't know about.



  • At 5:38 pm , Blogger Kat said...

    Hey, at least you had the guts to acknowledge that you *were* wrong and not just slink away with your tail between your legs.

    Laugh it off now. That's all you can do.



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