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15 August 2006

Aww Kid Moments

As a mother don't you just love those "aww" moments. I've had a couple recently which just melt your heart.

There are times when you could cheerfully throttle your child (and I mean that in the nicest way) especially when they keep testing the boundaries and ask you the same question over and over and over and over again.

So the first 'aww' moment was on Saturday. I was putting Zane in the car to take him to the doctor. He had a sore ear the week before and so we were just going to see if it was looking better.

I'm leaning over him to click his seatbelt in and he looks at me and goes "I love you". All together now. "AWWWWWW" LOL I always say it to him as I put him into bed. So for him to come out and spontaneously say it was so cool! Apparently he'd been saying it to Jason too. So now when I say it to him he says it back!

Then tonight I was driving home after picking Skylar up from my sister's house. My folks have been sick with bad colds the past two days so they haven't been able to have Skylar. Step up to the plate my sister!! She's been great and I really am fortunate that I have a great support not only from her but from my sister in law and niece who had to have Skylar on short notice yesterday! I am truly blessed with a wonderful family.

But the "Aww" moment came when a song came on the radio. I hear this voice in the background singing heartily along to the song. The song was by Ashlee Simpson. It was her 'Boyfriend' song. LOL It's so cool to hear her sing.

Skylar has been so good she has taken to the change of her routine, with my sister taking her to school, so well. For a 4 year old she is really mature and I just love her to bits that she accepts these changes.

Now to stop the kid gushing! LOL

But I will attach a couple of cute pictures of them.



  • At 2:39 pm , Blogger Rae said...

    ya just gotta love those awww kid moments ... they are way to few and far between for me Lol


  • At 7:36 am , Blogger lidia said...

    Very cute pictures of the two!

  • At 12:02 pm , Blogger Kat said...

    Awww, I remember those pics. Too cute!

    And what sweetie pies!


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