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01 November 2005

Here I am Again

What an exciting time I've had the last few days.

My boy has finally worked out that legs have a use afterall. He has started to toddle and walk around. He is feeling very proud of himself too. Looks at you with a big smile and a look that says, now praise me because I'm extra clever.

It's certainly going to make leaving the daycare centre an awful lot easier as he can now walk out and I don't have to carry him. Just for the record he is a heavy boy and I'm on the slight side, so holding him, two backpacks and try to turn two knobs to get out of the centre is a challenge!

But he is very cute. Has a stagger about him as he tries to gain his balance.

I'll just say this though, what out big sister! She's has been able to assert her authority over him for the last 12 months but now, he will fight back. I think he is probably heavier than his sister. She takes after her petite mum! LOL

But it will be fun and games and I for one am sort of looking forward to it.

The other exciting thing is that yesterday saw history being made when a horse, Makybe Diva, won her third Melbourne Cup. What's so special about that you may ask. Well it's the 3rd one in a row. She won in 2003, 2004 and 2005. No other horse has ever done that in the history of the cup. The first race being run in 1861. Many horses have won 2 of the races including the great Phar Lap. The trainer of the horse had it right when he said that in the majority of people's lifetime who were at the track or watching it that day will never see it again. It really was a most exciting day. Especially for someone who is not a big horse fan!

And finally a new baby was born in the family when my cousin gave birth today to a big, bouncing baby boy. Owen Michael weighed in at 8lb 7oz and was born 2 November 2005. Welcome to the family little Owen!



  • At 5:15 pm , Blogger Rae said...

    Woo Hoo!!! you give that little guy a big hug from his cyber auntie Rae and tell him she is so proud of him!!

  • At 12:30 pm , Blogger Jenne said...

    LOL, I love the "now praise me 'cause I'm extra clever" look. Eve does the exact same thing! I bet he's just adorable toddlin' along. Watch out Skylar!! Congrats on the new cousin too! :)

  • At 10:25 pm , Blogger Kat said...

    OOO I can't believe he's walking!

    He's so extremely cute (I love chubby cheeks)!!!

    Congrats to your cousin!


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