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01 September 2005

This and That

Well today is Friday and guess what ... no house keys. Tuesday now. Great! But I guess it does give me a little extra time to pack Woo hooo (imagine being said with little enthusiasm).

It's been a crap week all round really. Just can't get the motivation to do anything. Could be because I've got a cold AGAIN and so has Zane. I'm really hoping that once we get out of this building that is supposed to be a house we will all become healthy again.

Goodness I had so many ideas for entries when I first started this that now I'm here to write them I can't remember them. LOL I think I may have mentioned that already.

Actually you'd think I'd be super excited about moving and packing that I wouldn't have time for blogs but with each delay the enthusiasm wans. When I have those keys in my hand I shall be impatient to move out.

Seriously thinking of telling the landlord to take all cleaning costs out of the bond. Will be rushing to get everything done.

On the weekend just gone I did manage to get out into the garden and weed it. Surprised myself by enjoying it too. Managed to achieve alot that Saturday. So who knows maybe I will enjoy the garden in the new house. Knowing I won't have to go out and work on Saturday I think will really help.

Still eager to start working fulltime. Bit sad really isn't it. That is today, yesterday I was feeling sad that I wouldn't have the luxury of shopping or taking a drive because I don't have to work. But I do know its not forever and maybe in a couple of years I'll be a lady of luxury! I can dream.



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