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23 June 2008

Home Stretch

I cannot believe just how much I've written over the last 23 days - go check out the word counter!! I'm so happy with my achievements.

You can't help it but when you write you think this is probably all drivel but hopefully there is something good here. That's what I'm feeling at the moment. I think there are some good parts and other parts I'm like that is utter crap. But you know what? It's not set in stone. It's all fixable.

The book I'm reading at the moment is a fabulous book by Michelle Reid, one of my favourite authors. As I read, after I've exhausted my writing capacity, I think back and go, nope there is no way my manuscript is to this standard. Then I have to think, well she has, I think, written over 50 books she's knows her stuff. But I'm actually going to use this book as a tool on how I can enhance my writing.

So what I've got down is the bare bones stuff. Come edit time that's when I up the ante and inject more descriptive texts, more emotive texts, just more of everything that will make an editor sit up and take notice.

I'm onto my third story now, about 12k into it and it's kind of leaning toward category - I think. But I'm going to just keep going and see how it pans out.

However, for the moment I'm really proud of what I've achieved in such a short time - who would have thought. Certainly not me.



  • At 3:39 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    That word count meter looks great!
    You're write about that book you're reading, also remember, not only has she written a heap of books but her stories start the same as yours, first drafts. No book you read is the first draft, every writer goes at it with a slice and dice before sending it off to a publisher, then (if it's picked up) the editor goes at it as well.
    Best advice I can give is this, you can't edit a blank page.

  • At 5:41 am , Blogger Rachael Blair said...

    Just popping in to drink some cyber champagne with you - it's the only kind I can drink at the moment! Way to go making the 50ks!


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